In its 7th edition, the conference is set to feature another stunning Reboot Develop Blue signature, 100+ speakers, amazing high-end and super unique lineup in multiple tracks.

While the conference is still work in progress, we’re happy to already share  first speakers with you. The line-up will be updated continously, so check back frequently.

Patrice Désilets

Panache Digital Games
President and Creative Director

Patrice now cumulates 25 years in the games industry and has been recognized over the years for his audacity and thinking outside the box. With a background in theater, improvisation and cinema, he gets his creative inspiration in all sorts of art forms as well as in history. Most known for his work on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and as the original creative director behind the global success franchise Assassin’s Creed, Patrice decided to found his own studio in 2014 in order to have complete creative freedom and create new and original IPs such as Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Kate Edwards

Geogrify / SetJetters
CEO / CXO & Co-Founder

Kate Edwards is an award-winning 28+ year veteran of the game industry, and the CEO and principal consultant of Geogrify, a consultancy which innovated content culturalization, as well as the CXO and Co-Founder of SetJetters, a film tourism app. She is also the former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and the Global Game Jam. In addition to serving in several advisory roles, she is a geographer, writer, and corporate strategist. In 2021, she was included in the Forbes’ “50 Over 50” Vision List and was inducted into the Women in Games Hall of Fame.

Dino Patti

CEO and founder

“With 20 years of professional experience in the games industry Dino Patti, has made a name for himself. Most notably he is known for his role in co-founding, scaling and running Playdead as CEO for almost 10 years.

Dino has had an advising role in several game and game related companies including the GDC Europe Advisory Board. In 2017 Dino founded JUMPSHIP with Chris Olsen, where the promising title “Somerville” is brought to life and in 2019 he launched coherence – an open, accessible and lightning-fast platform for building scalable and persistent worlds.”

Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail is a Dutch-Egyptian industry ambassador & independent games developer with over 20 titles across PC, console, web, and mobile. His development of tools like the industry-standard dopresskit.com, his prolific & popular public speaking, and highly-regarded consultancy and insights have helped shape industry opportunities for game communities & independent game developers of any kind, in any situation, and anywhere.

Fawzi Mesmar

VP Editorial

Fawzi Mesmar is an award winning Game designer, leader, author and public speaker that has been in the gaming industry for almost two decades in a career that spanned the middle east, New Zealand, Japan and Europe working for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard, Gameloft and Atlus to name a few. He has worked on over 20 titles that have been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide including entries in Battlefield, Persona and Others. He is also the author of “Al-Khallab in the art of game design” the first Arabic language text book on game design.

Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro

White Owls Inc.
President and CEO

Game director, writer, novelist, and drinker. President of the Japanese video game developer White Owls Inc. He has been involved in game production since 1996 and has created numerous games.

His representative work, “The MISSING: j.j. macfield and the island of memories” won many awards including NAVGTR.
Another of his best-known games, “Deadly Premonition,” was listed in the 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition as the “Most Critically Polarizing Survival Horror Game. The game is also available for purchase on the Internet.

Brendan Greene


Brendan “”PLAYERUNKNOWN”” Greene, often referred to as the father of the battle royale genre, originally designed the game mode as a mod for the ARMA series of games. He went on to create the multi-award-winning game carrying his name, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).
He now leads PLAYERUNKNOWN Productions, an independent applied research & development studio formed to explore how new technologies can enable large-scale digital experiences. The studio’s multidisciplinary team is experimenting with machine learning and data-driven design to build a new simulation engine from the ground up.

Serge van Keulen

Technical Director

Serge van Keulen’s more than two decades of experience in applied research and software development has brought him to a wide range of industries, from Defense and Security to Automotive, Modeling and Simulation, Embedded Software and Games.
His passion for simulation-based virtual environments has been a driving force throughout this entire journey. He brings this breadth of experience to PLAYERUNKNOWN Productions’ ambitious Project Artemis, leading the R&D teams and providing a fresh perspective on scalable engine technology.

Anna Hollinrake

Art Director

Anna Hollinrake is an award winning art director, illustrator, and BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. Most recently the Creative Services Art Lead for Fall Guys at Mediatonic in the lead up to its highly successful ‘Free for All’ launch, she has worked on game IPs such as Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, and Magic: Duels, as well as indie projects such as Lola and the Giant. Her work also extends to animation, having art directed the 2D animated show Love Monster for the BBC.

Adam Boyes

Iron Galaxy Studios

Adam Boyes is responsible for the Company’s overall strategic vision and core partnerships. Prior to this role, Boyes was Vice President of Third Party Relations & Developer Technology Group at Sony Interactive Entertainment America where he oversaw Publisher & Developer Relations, Portfolio Strategy, Financial Strategy, Partner Alliance, Technical Account Management, Developer Technology Group and the 3rd Party Production team – driving them to record revenue and profitability numbers consistently year over year.

Patrick Sweeney

Interactive Entertainment Law Group

Patrick Sweeney is the founder of the Interactive Entertainment Law Group. He is one of the leading attorneys in the video game industry, having served both as in-house and external counsel to a variety of companies in his career. In his 25 years in the games industry, Sweeney has negotiated an array of game development agreements for more than 1000 games and over 50 film, TV and comic licenses, and dozens of M&A/corporate investment deals. The firm has represents 400+ clients from over 30 different countries.

Damir Slogar

Q4 Capital

With over 35 years in the industry and credited for over 100 games across 20 different platforms, Damir experienced the video game industry through and through. Born in Croatia, he started his career in the mid 80’s as a programmer creating games for the MSX and Amiga. The next couple of years, he spent producing and hosting a live video game TV show. In 1995, he founded a video game magazine Pixel. Next 4 years, he spent as a lead programmer in Digital Illusions. In 2002, he started Big Blue Bubble, which became one of the best known studios in North America. He sold the company in 2020.

Bobby Wertheim

Curve Games
VP Partnerships

Bobby Wertheim is the VP of Partnerships for Curve Games. During Bobby’s 10+ years in the industry, Bobby has worked at PlayStation, SEGA and is now working at Curve Games. Bobby has experience in QA, Production, Business Planning and for the last half decade has been working predominantly as a games scout. Bobby is looking for developers with a track record of delivering fun games, a clear vision of what they want to create while having a long-term view of what they want to achieve.

Renaud Charpentier

Tower Five
CEO & Game Director

Renaud has been a video games creator for the last 25 years, serving as game designer & game director for companies like Ubisoft and Sega before co-founding Tower Five in 2017. He contributed to international licenses like Rayman, Splinter Cell, Total War or XIII but also worked on Indie games like Lornsword. His expertise and interest covers the wider definition of game design: from creative direction to player’s experience through the various tools and techniques to bring them to life.

Charles Cecil

Revolution Software
Founder & CEO

Charles Cecil, awarded ‘Industry Legend’ status by Develop, has been a key figure in video games development for 40 years. In 1990 he founded Revolution, today one of the world’s leading adventure game companies which created the Broken Sword and Beyond/Beneath a Steel Sky series. Charles has additionally designed titles as diverse as The Da Vinci Code for Sony Pictures and Doctor Who for the BBC for which he won a BAFTA award. In 2011 Charles was awarded an MBE for services to the computer games industry, and in 2019 was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the University of York.

Hendrik Lesser

remote control productions GmbH

Hendrik Lesser is the CEO of the international production house remote control productions. After starting out more than 20 years ago in the industry, he has been building a family of independent development studios throughout Europe and beyond, which today consists of 14 teams with more than 350 passionate game makers. Besides his commercial roles, he’s an ambassador and lecturer to bring games as culture technique forward, for example by being President of the European Games Developer Federation or as MD and board member for the Bavarian games industry association Games Bavaria Munich.

Justin Berenbaum

XsollaVP Strategy & GM, Xsolla Funding Club

Justin Berenbaum, VP of Strategy and GM of Funding Club at Xsolla, has over 25 years of strategic development experience in the games industry with Activision, 505 Games, and Capcom, and was formerly on the Board of Directors for Global Game Jam and the International Game Developers Association. Fun fact: Justin was also a hip-hop radio DJ.

Jonas Antonsson

Raw Fury
Reality Distortionist

Founder of Raw Fury, industry old timer, mother of dragons, father of children, amateur hot air machine, lover of potatoes and a little tea pot. Okay. That last thing isn’t true.

Jeanette Bauer

Raw Fury
Event Manager

Jeanette is a Stockholm based creative force, leading the event strategy at indie (un) publisher Raw Fury. Her passion for ART and creative environments has been a driving passion thru out her entire life and the motto which she lives by is simply put: “why not?”. With studies in market economy, law and art history with a combined background from Ericsson, IBM, AIG, she joined the gaming industry in 2005 as a product manager (Paradox Interactive). In addition to the current mission for Raw Fury, she is also a painter and runs an art gallery in Old Town Stockholm, Sweden (c/o Bauer Gallery).

Jimmy Sieben

Gearbox Publishing
Head of Technology

Jimmy Sieben is currently Head of Technology at Gearbox Publishing, empowering developers to create innovative console, PC, and mobile games. He has been with Gearbox for 18 years working on franchises including Halo, Brothers in Arms, Borderlands, and Homeworld. As a programmer and a game maker for over 25 years, he has shipped more than 30 titles with combined unit sales of over 90 million.

Matt Charles

Gearbox Publishing
VP of Product Development

As the VP of PD at Gearbox Publishing responsible for the games portfolio, Matt carries on the mission of trying to be the most development-friendly publishing group in the world. Prior to Publishing, he spent 10 years as a development-side producer on multiple Borderlands games. With over 15 years in the industry, Matt spends every waking minute trying to make developers & players happy with fun development cycles & great games.

Ilari Kuittinen

Studio Head

As the co-founder of the oldest Finnish game studio, Ilari has run Housemarque for the past 27 years. Last year, the company released the award-winning PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal and joined the PlayStation Studios.

Mikael Haveri

Brand Director

Mikael is the Brand Director at Housemarque. All the things outside of actual development still need to be done and he is the proper the man for that job. As an all-rounder, he crashed E3 with Nex Machina and delivered recent mega godzilla Returnal. He likes Tatra Tea and talking about games and special projects.

Martin Stig Andersen

Composer, Game audio specialist

After creating the audio for LIMBO and INSIDE, Martin went on to focus on interactive composition, scoring titles such as “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”, “Control” and “Back 4 Blood”. He was involved as ambient music designer on “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”, and has recently remastered the audio for the upcoming “Braid, Anniversary Edition”. Influenced by a background in electroacoustic composition, Martin’s work has earned him several international awards including two D.I.C.E. awards for Original Composition and Sound Design respectively and a Game Developers Choice Award for Best Audio.

Damjan Mravunac

Audio Director

With over 20 years of experience, Damjan has made a name for himself as one of the most versatile composers in the gaming industry. His work on legendary Serious Sam and award winning The Talos Principle series has given birth to some of the most recognizable tunes in video games. As a one-man band, Damjan uses his knowledge of chiptunes, orchestral music, jazz, hard-rock, and electronic music to create, edit, and process sounds that make video game worlds a real place.

Piotr Bajraszewski

11 bit studios S.A.
Business Development Lead

Piotr is a Business Development Lead at 11 bit studios, where he works for more than 5 years now. Amongst others he and his team are responsible for new business development, sales management, partner relations and performance management. Prior to joining 11 bit he worked at CDP (CDP.pl) as a Project/Biz Dev Manager Manager. Before he joined Game Dev, he worked at Deloitte Business Consulting for more than 3 years. He is an MBA Candidate and holds a Master of Economics degree from the University of Warsaw.

Jack Attridge

Creative Director/Founder

Building on a career across both film and games, Jack co-founded Flavourworks with the goal of marrying the two mediums together to an unprecedented degree. Using breakthrough in-house tactile video technology, and pioneering ludonarrative craft, the 25-strong, multi-disciplinary studio aims to revolutionise the space between film and games. Since Flavourworks’ inception, Jack has acted as Creative Director across ERICA, HUSH, and now CUTTLEFISH, with more innovative projects in development.

James Schall

Secret Mode
Director of Publishing

James is a 30 year veteran of the videogames industry, 8 year spell with Amazon at the turn of the century followed by a 13 year stint at SEGA where James was Vice President of Global Digital Business. James left SEGA to join Sumo Group and set up Secret Mode in November 2020. Secret Mode is a publishing division within Sumo servicing indie and internal projects from within the group.

Nika Nour

Genvid Entertainment
Head of Partnerships

Nika joined Genvid in 2021 to manage relationships with game developers, publishers, platforms and IP holders, focused on producing and publishing massive interactive live events (MILEs). Nika spent more than a decade building coalitions and programs for leading internet and video game companies. As the former Executive Director for the IGDA Foundation, she developed diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for underrepresented game creators. Previously the ESA’s Head of Public Affairs, she took a leading role in messaging, consumer outreach, and corporate social responsibility.

Ciaran Deasy

Senior Gameplay Programmer

Ciaran graduated as a Computer Scientist in 2014 and entered the industry as a gameplay programmer. He worked for four years on LEGO Worlds juggling voxels, and then joined Housemarque in 2018 to work on gameplay systems and AI for Returnal.

Julian Mautner

stillalive studios GmbH

Julian Mautner is founder and CEO of stillalive studios GmbH. Since 2010 he has built up an internationally recognized studio and a team of talented experts focusing on cross-platform development of Simulation and Management games. Coming from a quantum theory research background himself, the team has a strong tech knowhow and consists of ~70 team members distributed across 14 timezones. Stillalive studios is best known for their very successful Bus Simulator franchise as well as own IPs like Drone Swarm and Rescue HQ.

Tomislav Jurić

Bongfish GmbH
Art Director

Tomislav joined Bongfish in 2016 first as a 2D Artist and Animator until he later moved on to Art Direction. Before entering Game Development, he worked on art and graphic design for influencers as well as companies, and practiced his craft by inserting his own art in existing games. Using this method gave Tomislav the chance to learn and grow as an artist. He focused his first few years in Game Development mainly on innovating the beloved art style of the Smurf’s IP. The focal points of his day-to-day work now are concept art for new as well as existing IPs and overseeing art production.

Dr Blay Whitby

University of Sussex

Dr. Blay Whitby is a philosopher and ethicist concerned with the social impacts of new and emerging technologies. His publications include Do you want a robot lover?, On Computable Morality, and Sometimes it’s hard to be a robot. He has published three books on the impacts of AI. Dr. Whitby is a member of the Ethics Group of BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT and an ethical advisor to The Royal Academy of Engineering and an ethics expert for the EU. Dr. Whitby currently lectures at Imperial College, The Technical University of Vienna, Sussex University, and Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Julia Kenny

Head of Scouting

With a background in publishing and investment, Julia has worked at companies both in the UK and abroad. She has been driven by identifying strong potential in development teams and projects and working towards releasing new and relevant games for communities to enjoy. Relationships and authenticity are top priority for her. When things get busy, she tries to remember that being kind, engaged and enjoying yourself are the most important things, the rest will follow.

Robert Bäckström

Aurora Punks

Robert Bäckström, Born 1976 in Stockholm. Runs a vinyl record label who issues classic d-beat HC punk, Skrammel Records. Occasionally still plays bass in a punk band. Loves to paint and play everything Warhammer. 2006 Took part in founding Fatshark where I worked as producer for 12 years, 2018 Joined Raw Fury to explore the biz dev more – learned a lot about the very dynamic indie segment (West of Dead, Mosaic, Sable), 2019 Started doing angel investments in game startups, 2020 Took part in founding Aurora Punks

Samuel Costello

Hiro Capital

Samuel has spent 6 years as an Analyst working across M&A and Tech Production Functions. Working with multiple business units. Samuel also assisted in product development, devising product strategies for entering new games markets and developing new products. As an avid pc and console gamer and ex-hacker with deep technical experience ranging from Cloud Computing to Game Engines, he has always been drawn to the technology that underpins and enables games. Samuel focuses on the product and gameplay analysis of Hiro’s investment strategy.

Panos Karabelas

Developer Technology Engineer

Panos Karabelas is a Member of Technical Staff / Developer Technology Engineer at AMD, one of his responsibilities is to help developers get the most out of Unreal Engine and AMD GPUs. He previously worked on racing games as well as some VR games. He is a fan of open-source development and has been working on his own engine for the past 8 years.

Mattias Liljeson

Developer Technology Engineer

Mattias works as a GPU developer technology engineer at AMD, where he helps game developers make the most out of AMD hardware.

Ville Rauma


“Ville Rauma is a Finnish game industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. Some of his more notable achievements include taking part in development
of mega hits Hill Climb Racing, Hill Climb Racing 2 and founding the Fingersoft Liveops Team which has been instrumental to Fingersoft’s success.

Currently Ville’s focus is in helping game teams succeed by building a healthy game development ecosystem where new ideas are constantly tested, most promising concepts
end up in full production and where everyone has continuous opportunities to contribute, learn and grow. He calls it “”The Funnel”””

Daniel Mullins

Daniel Mullins Games
Indie Developer

After a few years of working in the Vancouver games industry as a programmer, Daniel Mullins achieved indie success with his 2016 hit “Pony Island”. During the following 6 years he released both “The Hex” and “Inscryption”, bringing Pony Island’s eclectic genre mixing into more substantial and ambitious titles. He is a lover of game jams, which have served as inspiration for his larger projects.

François Alliot

Game developer

Francois Alliot is the founder of Nerial, the studio behind the Reigns series of games and more recently Card Shark. He is a game developer, writer and game designer.

Johanna Pirker

Lab Director

Dr. Johanna Pirker is a computer scientist leading the Game Lab Graz focusing on game and VR development, research, and education and is an active and strong voice of the local dev community. In 2011/12 she started researching and developing VR experiences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the moment, she is Prof. for game development at the Graz University of Technology and researches games with a focus on AI, HCI, data analysis, and VR technologies. Johanna was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of science professionals for her innovations in immersive technologies.

Darcy W Smith

Studio Folly
Co-founder & Game Director

Darcy is a game director and designer that specialises in games that make you think. He is most known for his seven years at Melbourne’s own League of Geeks (LoG) as project lead for Armello, one of Australia’s most compelling new game IPs. After a decade in the industry Darcy has made a variety of weird and wonderful digital content around videogames and TTRPGs, and is now the co-founder of his own game development company, Studio Folly. Darcy is committed to making atypical games for people to love, and Studio Folly’s debut title is just around the corner.

Adam Sawicki

Developer Technology Engineer

Adam Sawicki is a Senior Member of Technical Staff / Developer Technology Engineer at AMD where he focuses on helping game developers to utilize AMD GPUs efficiently. Previously, he worked on games and game engines, digital satellite television, graphics drivers, shader compiler and other aspects of computer graphics. He holds a master degree in computer science.

Dihara Wijetunga

Senior Software Engineer

Dihara Wijetunga is a Senior Software Engineer within AMD’s Game Engineering Core Technology Group, where he works on rendering technologies for AMD GPUs and other partner ecosystems. Initially coming from a mobile graphics background, he now focuses on areas such as upscaling, real-time ray tracing, denoising and optimisation.

Frederick Raynal

Games and electronic toys maker

Born in 1966, Video games creator and programmer since the 80’s. Main titles: PopCorn PC 1988, Alone in the dark PC 1992, Little Big Adventure PC 1994, Toy Commander Dreamcast 1999. Electronic toys and industrial machines conception, prototyping and programming since 2000.

Jörg Tittel


Jörg is a writer, director and producer of films, plays and games. Projects include graphic novel Ricky Rouse Has a Gun (now being turned into a movie and game) and sci-fi drama The White King starring Jonathan Pryce. He’s currently producing painted animation A Winter’s Journey starring John Malkovich, the first feature to use Media Molecule’s Dreams to design and build its sets. The Last Worker, the only game selected for the 78th Venice Film Festival, is his first collaboration with VR pioneers Wolf & Wood. The game is coming to PC this October, followed by consoles and VR platforms.

Gordon Van Dyke

Raw Fury

With almost 20 years in the games industry, Gordon Van Dyke has worked on AAA to Indie. He has experienced everything from the highs of super hits to the lows and the ‘how do we pivot’ of super flops. He has developed and published games and everything else in between. Described as a Swiss Army Knife of the games industry, his skills and coolness under pressure have enabled Gordon to excel as co-founder of Raw Fury, a pillar of Indie Games Publishing.

Seb Downie-Blackwell

remote control productions
Head of Production/Partner

In the games industry since ’99. Shipped over 70 titles including 6 Killzone games, a short movie, 2 albums and a bottle of vodka.
Working for remote control productions where I support a dozen studios with strategy, production planning and risk-mitigation.

Jaime Giné


Jaime Giné is the CEO of Amber, which he joined in 2021. Prior to that, he was the Chief Customer Officer at Keywords Studios, and has played an instrumental role in the company’s outstanding M&A driven growth going from less than $100M to surpassing $3B, within 5 years. Before Keywords, Jaime was VP of International Development Services at Electronic Arts, where he led a global team and portfolio of departments related to Dev Services.

Catalin Butnariu

Romanian Game Developers AssociationPresident

Catalin Butnariu is the President of RGDA (the Romanian Game Developers Association) and as such, is one of the most vocal supporters of the games sector in Romania. He is also the Head of Corporate Development at Amber, a Romanian games company, and the founder of Dev.Play Conference. His past roles include being General Manager at Carbon Incubator and Division Director at Gameloft.

Doug North Cook

Robot Teddy
Head of VR Fund

Doug is a designer, professor, and researcher focused on immersive experience design. He was the founding faculty for the Immersive Media programs at Chatham University, lead instructor for the Immersive Design Residencies at Fallingwater, and is currently Head of VR Fund at Robot Teddy (the team working with Among Us VR, Ziggys Cosmic Adventure, The Last Clockwinder, No More Rainbows, and others). His upcoming book, Human Spatial Computing, co-authored with NYU Professor Regine Gilbert, will be published by Oxford University Press in late 2023.

Nina Adams

Auroch Digital
Operations Director

Nina has had an eclectic and varied career path. From circus performer to Operations Director, and everything in-between. Nina joined Auroch Digital in 2015 as the Office Manager and has worked across finance, business development, HR and production, working her way up to Operations Director. Nina has worked alongside Tom Rawlings to pitch, sign and develop great games, including the digital adaptation of Steve Jackson’s Ogre, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, their own IP. In 2021 Nina was an integral part of Auroch’s acquisition by the Sumo Group, further extending her knowledge of the industry.

Cassia Curran

Curran Games Agency

Cassia Curran (she/they) is the founder of Curran Games Agency, a business consulting agency for indie game developers. Cassia is also an active angel investor and advisor at multiple game investment funds. She previously was the CEO of WINGS, Head of Business Development at Jagex and worked in business development and investor relations at NetEase in China.

Marek Rosa

Keen Software House & GoodAI
CEO, Founder

Marek Rosa is the CEO of GoodAI, a general artificial intelligence R&D company, and the CEO of Keen Software House, an independent game development studio best known for its best-seller Space Engineers (4 million copies sold). Marek has been interested in artificial intelligence since childhood. He started his career as a programmer but later transitioned to a leadership role. After the success of the Keen Software House titles, Marek was able to personally fund GoodAI, his new general AI research company building human-level artificial intelligence, with a $10M investment.

Tadej Gregorcic

CTO / co-founder

Tadej is co-founder and CTO at coherence, a company that gives everyone the power to build and run multiplayer games and virtual worlds. He’s been in games and high-tech for over 20 years and built global projects with the likes of Supercell, adidas, LG and NBCUniversal. After developing a knack for computer graphics and engine coding through the European demoscene in the 90’s, he started several companies, including Motiviti, a digital production and games studio in Slovenia. He lives in Sweden, loves sauna, reads sci-fi and is making the adventure game Elroy and the Aliens in his free time.

Ivan Krechňák

PowerPlay Studio

Originally a doctor of medicine, Ivan Krechnak has been involved in the game industry since 2003. His specialization is game design and gamer´s psychology. He founded PowerPlay Studio in 2007, a company primarily focused on developing online sports games. PowerPlay Studio has released 18 games played by over 22 million players worldwide. Among other things, PowerPlay Studio is actively involved in the promotion of sports and supports talented athletes. The studio earned the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe award in 2014 as the fastest-growing tech company in Slovakia.

Pawel Rohleder

PixelAnt Games
Co-founder / Studio Director

“People-oriented game industry professional with a software engineering background. Currently leading PixelAnt Games studio. Participated in a number of AAA titles from start to finish (e.g. Dying Light, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, Call of Juarez series, and more – during 14 years at Techland). Regularly invited and highly experienced speaker at 60+ gaming and technology conferences. Loves new challenges and taking on “the impossible”. 20+ years in gaming showed me the importance of values-based company culture. In PixelAnt Games we are on the quest to bring fun back into gamedev. “

Sebastian Bender

Wolpertinger Games
Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of the independent game development studio, Wolpertinger Games, and Creative Director and consultant at Gamify now!, the gamification and serious games specialist of the Remote Control Family. Strong believer that games are more than entertainment, and on a mission to prove that to the world.

Ljubica Garic

Senior recruiter

Ljubica Garic works in 8Bit as a Senior Recruiter. She has four years of experience in the field. Her specializations are Art, Animation, and Game design Roles. She uses her expertise to find the best possible jobs for the game developers. She comes with journalism, event management, and tech entrepreneurship background.

Peter Nagy

CEO and Creative Director

Peter Nagy has been involved in game development for more than 20 years. He has unparalleled and diverse industry experience and has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies. Besides his creative and teamleading skills at Games Farm and production company Grindstone, he recently established premium game development club Tristone to boost the Slovakian game development ecosystem. He is one of the founding members of Slovakian Game Developers Association. Peter is a speaker at many events and is one of the key figures in the Slovakian game development industry.

Ivan Trančík

CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur, game growth-hacker and gamer. After co-founding an e-commerce real-time analytics platform which became Exponea (acquired by Bloomreach in 2021), in 2016 Ivan founded SuperScale – a technology growth platform for mobile and NFT games. SuperScale has been one of the fastest growing startups in CE region and is now present in the UK and in the US.

Georg Hobmeier

Causa Creations
Creative Director

Georg Hobmeier, born and bred in the Tyrolean Alps, is a writer and game designer. After a decade of developing art that was interfacing dance, theatre, and technology, he turned his attention to the development of games. In 2014 he founded Causa Creations, a studio dedicated to social awareness games and interactive experiences. Recent projects include the award winning cooperation with the UNHCR Path Out, the Kickstarter card game sensation Sefirot and Rising Tide, a climate chance XR game for schools that is currently in development.

Uros Obradovic

Art Director

Uros is working as video game designer on different platforms for more then 10 yrs. Today he is leading a skilful band of artists in Playstudios bringing slot games to another level. In free time he is reading, sculpting, writing and drawing a lot.

Rod Stafford

Kythera AI
Head of Business Development

Rod is an experienced business leader and technology evangelist with a specialism in large scale simulation. At Kythera AI Rod is working with leading studios and publishers to push the boundaries of what is possible in both the scale and complexity of AI in games and adjacent entertainments, with a view to making transportable AI behaviour key to the evolution of a compelling metaverse experience.

Lucas Pessoa de Freitas

Robot Teddy
Business Developer

Lucas is a Business Developer currently working at Robot Teddy supporting several indie developers with their ongoing projects. Before, he has worked for Brazilian and international companies, such as Hermit Crab, Game Jam+, and Zplay, while doing a lot of Dev Relations and internal operations work. He has a Narrative Design and academic background and has been helping local studios from the Brazilian dev community since he joined the industry.

Alastair Hebson

Head of Business & Publishing

I’ve been creating video games for 15+ years. Once upon a time I was a AAA games designer. Now help studios and publishers with all things commercial and business related. Indie friendly. Occasional consultant.

Dan Da Rocha

Jaw Drop Games
Studio Head

Dan started out in the games industry straight from University with indie game, Q.U.B.E. 12 years and 50 awards/nominations later, he has shipped a variety of games. In 2020, Dan co-founded and scaled up Double-A game studio, Jaw Drop Games, to 50+ staff and is working on multiple titles, Gun Jam and Deathground. In 2022, he sold his previous company to publisher, Curve Games. He has also been included in the Forbes “30 Under 30” and GI.biz “Top 100” lists.

Dean Woodward

Beethoven & Dinosaur

A Producer hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Woody worked at League of Geeks on Armello for 6+ years and more recently won a BAFTA for his work on The Artful Escape at Beethoven & Dinosaur. Uncovering the hidden mystical art of production is one of his pursuits, along with making rad games with rad people in ways that aren’t lame.

Ste Curran

Creative Director

Ste Curran is a game designer and creative director from London, England. As well as working on games that he probably can’t talk about right now he hosts the world’s longest running gaming radio show, One Life Left, and runs Maraoke, a night of pop songs rewritten about videogames. His monologues about game design and culture have been variously described as “life-changing” and “an hour of nothing”.

Dan Pearson

Product marketing manager

After over a decade in industry journalism at Eurogamer and GamesIndustry.biz, and five years working in BD and marketing since, I have just about begun to understand the ever evolving wonders of the games industry.

I’m very lucky to be working for a company on the forefront of entertainment innovation, allowing me to continue to grow that understanding.

Ari Arnbjörnsson

Epic Games

Ari Arnbjörnsson is an Unreal Engine Evangelist at Epic Games. He has 15 years of varied games industry experience ranging from social, web and mobile games to console games. His latest work before joining Epic Games was as a lead programmer on Housemarque’s BAFTA-winning Returnal for PlayStation 5.

Krzysztof Pachulski

Epic Games

As an Evangelist at Epic Games, Krzysztof supports the developers in both technical and non-technical matters. He also shares his knowledge via talks or across different media, and tries to surface what he thinks is at a perfect balance between useful and unexplored. He’s a programmer and an Unreal Engine generalist. He loves writing shaders and combining different features into systems and tools. In his spare time he likes going Bouldering, playing with Synthesizers and flying FPV Drones.

Callum Underwood


Callum is the co-founder and CSO of IndieBI, a platform that allows developers to automatically track and benchmark all of their games sales. Callum recently left Robot Teddy, after being acquired by Thunderful in 2021, and has previously worked for Kowloon Nights, Raw Fury, and Oculus as a scout, and managed business for Among Us, Gang Beasts, and SUPERHOT.
He is committed to supporting independent developers around the world, and promoting excellence in games.

Tomislav Gojević

Fury Studios
Head of studio

Tomislav Gojević is the head of the video game development studio Fury Studios, from the Swedish indie publisher Raw Fury, with over 15 years of experience in management and organization in the telecommunications and games industry. He works daily to improve the video games that Raw Fury publishes and to foster a human and professional approach to video game development.

Tamara Milenković

Principal HR Partner & Talent Acquisition Lead

Tamara Milenković is a firm believer in creating safe, healthy, productive, and creative work environments for people in the gaming industry. Years of frontline game production experience as a Game Artist and Producer have given her unique insights and expertise that she uses to craft her trailblazing approaches on how to build, develop, support, and grow multidisciplinary teams. Whether she’s promoting eSports culture, doing SFX makeup for zombie walks, or coaching people and teams, Tamara uses a people-first approach to enable others to do their best.

Mikhail Golub

Senior Software Engineer

Mikhail Golub’s worked in web development, mobile native development and now, in his current role as Senior Software Engineer at Outfit7, mobile game development. Recently, he’s worked on some of Outfit7’s flagship titles like My Talking Tom Friends and Talking Tom Hero Dash, and his current focus is on tech R&D and performance optimizations. With 10+ programming languages under his belt and a 10+ year history with Unity, his passion for computers is going strong. He’s passionate about studying low-level details of how they work, and figuring out how to make them work faster.

Dan Luffey


Over his 15 years in the game industry, Dan has managed localization projects for over 20 indie games and personally translated many more. Aside from translation work, he has interpreted for Japanese speakers at events around the world and worked closely with different Japanese development studios. Currently his main focus is scenario writing.

Nikola Cavic

GameBiz Consulting

Nikola Čavić is CEO at the GameBiz Consulting, a boutique business consulting firm for the video games industry. Nikola is also an advisor to multiple companies and a board member at the Serbian Games Association, which he co-founded in 2018. Previously, he served seven years as the Head of Business Development at Nordeus, and he spent five years with the CCP Games where he was responsible for global distribution of EVE Online. During his career, Nikola was involved in many international projects with global leaders in the sports & games industry.

Marc-André De Blois

Panache Digital Games
Design Systems Director

Marc-André began his career in 1997 and worked at Ubisoft as a Game Designer on Hype: The Time Quest, Lead Designer on Batman: Vengeance and later on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. He then took a ten-year break from the industry to get a Master of Laws and
worked as a Public Notary for a short period of time. In 2012, he came back to his first love, crafting games. When Panache Digital Games was founded in 2014, Marc-André was one of the first to join the ranks as Senior Game Designer and he is now Design Systems Director.

Pedro Ramos

Senior Data Scientist

From his academic background in math and economics, to his role as a Senior Data Scientist at Outfit7, Pedro Ramos has always had a way with numbers. Passionate about core game analytics, he’s been a bridge between the Business Intelligence, Design, and Monetization teams at Outfit7, shaping how they understand and address the preferences and needs of users. Recently, he embraced the role of Game Designer on the company’s new strategy RPG, Mythic Legends, helping teams make more data-driven decisions when designing features and showing them how to optimize them in post-production stages.

Žiga Sedovnik

Principal Data Scientist

In his current position as Principal Data Scientist at Outfit7, Žiga Sedovnik combines the roles of monetization designer (creating monetization for new and existing games), product manager, and system designer. Day to day, he looks to build better models while disrupting commonly-held views and learning something new. He gained his Masters in Financial Mathematics and has remained determined to put math to use in practice in his career. In his work, he’s driven to find (near) optimal solutions to problems in the fields of data science, programming, and gaming.

Blaž Tomažič

Senior Software Engineer

Blaž Tomažič is a Senior Software Engineer at Outfit7, working on the low-level details of game development. Before delving into the mobile space, his most notable works were in GPU testing frameworks (Mesa’s Piglit) and PC games (Hypernova: Escape from Hadea). He’s working on helping Outfit7’s developers produce better mobile games by expanding various game systems, like rendering, animation, and serialization. He’s also getting into the nitty-gritty details of programming languages, operating systems, CPU/GPU architectures, parallelization, and geometric algebra.

Sam Dark

Splash Damage
Senior Systems Programmer

Sam has been in the industry 6 years now, having worked across Gameplay, Physics, UI, Engine and Systems Programming. He is now putting that experience and passion to use as a Senior Systems Programmer at Splash Damage. With an interest in Data Oriented Programming and Machine Learning he is looking to push creativity and innovation within the programming discipline whenever possible.

Vladimir Bogdanić

Under the Stairs

Vladimir has worked in the creative industry for over 15 years. He holds a degree in computer science and has worked in both print and graphic design to a successful DJing career. He runs Under the Stairs, a small indie studio founded in 2016 based in Zagreb, Croatia that recently released its debut title Eyes in the Dark for Gearbox Publishing. He also worked as an A&R for two record labels as well as doing stage management and production for various music festivals.

Igor Simic

Demagog Studio

Igor is the creative director and CEO of Demagog Studio, best known for the award-winning game Golf Club: Wasteland and its soundtrack Radio Nostalgia from Mars. Demagog Studio is expected to release two new titles from the same universe, The Cub and Highwater.

Martijn van Zwieten

Videogame Business Consultant

Martijn is an independent business consultant to the creative and videogame industries. His main focus is on helping ambitious leaders build better videogame companies. He’s worked in the games industry in various positions over 12+ years, ranging from PR and marketing to bizdev and operations. As a consultant, he combines this practical experience with his MBA degree to help ambitious leaders overcome the challenges of running and growing a company in the videogames and interactive entertainment industries.

Blazej Zywiczynski

Little Red Dog Games
Executive Producer

In the last decade, Błażej has managed to experience a variety of aspects of video game production. He’s led internal, external and remote teams of different sizes as a producer and as a creative. With hits such as This War of Mine, Frostpunk and Ori and the Will of the Wisps behind his belt and after a brief romance with publishing, he now provides production consulting services. Currently affiliated with Little Red Dog Games. Personal quote: “Making good shit and making bad shit takes roughly the same amount of time and effort… So why waste that time making bad shit?”

Ivan Švarc

Lead Animator

Ivan is Lead animator in Gamepires. Besides animation, he is also senior 3D artist with over 20 years of experience.

Hrvoje Kelemenić

Senior Programmer

Hrvoje is a seasoned game developer with over 10 years of industry experience. He has worked on several successful multiplatform projects and both designed and lead the development of several content expansions for the Starpoint Gemini franchise. At Gamepires, he’s currently leading their UI team as they work on SCUM, known as an extremely ambitious open world survival simulator and Croatia’s fastest selling title.

Anna-Carolin Weber

Artistic Direction

Award-winning Scholar and Dancemaker Anna-Carolin Weber works at the interface of theory and practice with Media Choreography as her main focus of interest. As a freelance choreographer she initiates performances that explore dance in its relation to Virtual Reality and digital media. Awards: „DIVR Science Award 2021 – Best Impact“ and „AVril Gold 2020“ for Virtual Reality Moves. 2008-2020 Lecturer at Ruhr-University Bochum, at Cologne University for Music and Dance and at Cologne University for Media and Communication. 2014-2019 international research stays in Switzerland, the USA and Canada.

Tobias Kopka

Curatomic / Reboot
Founder / Facilitator

Tobias Kopka is a freelance curator & facilitator, heading the program of leading events like Ludicious, Reboot, Respawn, devcom & Quo Vadis for more than 10 years. During the pandemic he created the curators network Curatomic, which is helping event organizers like gamescom, Reboot or gamesweekberlin with concept & program work. Pro-bono projects are the European Game Showcase at GDC and #ArtOfCoding, which is bringing the Demoscene as first digital culture onto the lists of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, already successful in Germany, Poland, and Finland, with more countries to follow.

Damir Halilovic

Mad Head Games
Technical Director

One of the “founders” of the Bosnian game development industry, Damir has been working in the industry for over a decade. After working on several projects using Unreal Engine, he joined Mad Head Games where he is now working as the technical director for one of the studio’s upcoming titles, as well as helming the Sarajevo studio as studio manager.

Dimitrije Cvetković

Mad Head Games
Head of Audio

A game audio developer with over a decade of experience in creating and implementing sound and music for games. As Head of Audio at Mad Head Games, he facilitates various aspects of audio production for all of the studio’s titles and works on empowering the inhouse audio team to achieve their best possible results.

Dominik Šafarić

Project and Manager

Dominik is a Project Manager at Nanobit. He is responsible for managing external partnerships and business development activities, including the collaboration with Netflix and Facebook. He gained his Master of Science (MSc) in Software Engineering degree at the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is the author of a few scientific research papers conducted in collaboration with the Technical University Delft.

Luka Naglić

Head of Growth

Luka is working in the mobile marketing industry for the past 3 years. He started as a data analyst but soon specialized in marketing analytics and became the Head of Growth in Nanobit. His math and computer scientist background helps him exploit marketing data to its fullest, especially now in this fast-changing data privacy world.
Luka has managed marketing analytics for initial launch of Tabou Stories®: Love Episodes, and Winked: Episodes of Romance titles. He is passionate about data and mathematical marketing models as well as using his gamer knowledge in his day-to-day workload.

Katerina Burbela

remote control productions
Business Development Manager

Katerina has started her journey in gaming a bit more than 6 years ago. With Business Development experience in outsourcing, publishing, now she is representing remote control productions (rcp family), biggest EU production house of 13 indie game developers across 6 countries.

Borys Trienin

remote control productions
Business Development Manager

Borys is working with the rcp family, representing a group of independent game development studios from Europe and beyond. Started working in the games industry 8 years ago in the Ukrainian company SnoopGame QA with just 3 colleagues. He exited the company as a CEO with a team of 50 people in 2020 to join remote control productions in Munich. Currently, there are 15 studios across 4 countries in the rcp group with more than 400 employees. With a passion for premium PC/Console games, Borys helps rcp teams to navigate the market and pitch projects to publishers worldwide.

Tom Field


Tom Field is a lead designer working at Rebellion Studios, one of the UK’s leading entertainment studios across film, TV, and games. His early work includes design on the hit game Zombie Army 4 and as a lead designer on Sniper Elite 5. Find out more about Rebellion at Rebellion.com.

Marko Jagodić

Senior C++ Software Engineer - 3D Graphics

Marko Jagodić is Senior C++ Software Engineer specialized in 3D computer graphics. His passion for programming drove him to a position in which he can bring company’s 3d rendering techniques to the bleeding edge of technology. Improving general quality and performance of 3d environments at scale. He gained his Master of Science in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb. He loves programming competitions, math and physics. Loves to understand how everything works. He is author of scientific research papers that combine multidisciplinary areas of expertise.

Nils Pihl


Nils Pihl is a behavioral engineer and social transhumanist with a lifelong interest in memetics; the study of how information and ideas spread and become viral. A founder of two startups, Nils is the CEO of both of Auki Labs, building a decentralized protocol for collaborative spatial computing, and Matterless, creating genre-defining experiences in shared augmented reality. Nils is also a Warhammer 40k nerd and will challenge you to battle with his finely painted Space Wolves army.

Michael Berger

Speech Graphics
CTO and Co-Founder

Michael is a linguist, speech scientist and inventor who has been a pioneering expert in the field of speech animation since 1995. He worked on the first-ever automated talking head and co-authored a book on the subject. He later developed new technologies on the basis of which he co-founded Speech Graphics, which provides audio-driven facial animation for many games such as The Last of Us Part II and Fortnite, as well as film, TV and conversational AI. As CTO he drives the core technology, architecture and creative vision of Speech Graphics’ production and runtime products.

Garrett Tallon

Account Director

Garrett Tallon, Account Director at Quantcast brings over 20 years of media experience. Garrett oversees client media strategy, insights and results driving scale and growth for our clients for markets including the UK, BNLX, Ireland and Germany. Prior to Quantcast Garrett worked at Mediacom, Initiative amongst others.

Matthias Wehner

attract mode
Founder / Managing Director

Matthias has more than 20 years of track record in the games industry. He led the marketing at Take-Two Interactive in Munich for several years, including managing the titles of Rockstar Games. He worked for over ten years at 2K, first in London and then in California as VP Intl. Marketing, before returning to Germany to found attract mode. Matthias is directing the strategy and consulting services of the agency. He has established attract mode as one of the leading advertising agencies for gaming companies, with a portfolio of clients including Funcom, Level Infinite, Nexon, and Riot Games.

Troels Linde

Norwegian Filmschool

Troels Linde is Professor of “innovation for the Film, TV and wider field of story based media” and responsible for the Producers’ strand at the Norwegian Filmschool’s MA programme.

Phillip Vaughan

Abertay University
Senior Lecturer

Phillip Vaughan is a Senior Lecturer at Abertay University and also Head of Business Development at Digicast (UK). He has worked on various projects with Sony, BBC, DC Comics, EIDOS and DC Thomson. Phil has credits on published work such as Deathtrap Dungeon, Joint Strike Fighter, Urban Chaos, Braveheart, Farscape, Star Trek, Wallace and Gromit, Teletubbies, Tom & Jerry and Superman, as well as various original videogame IP’s such as Brave and State of Emergency. He previously ran the MSc in Animation & VFX at the University of Dundee and was a juror on the Animation panel for Scottish BAFTA.

Ante Vrdelja

Big Blue Bubble
Business Development Manager

Ante Vrdelja has been playing video games since before you were born. (Probably.) He is a marketing strategist and a biz dev at Big Blue Bubble, one of Canada’s best-known studios and the powerhouse behind My Singing Monsters, a game adored by more than 100 million people worldwide. In a past life, he was a video game journalist, a founder of the Croatian Game Developers Association and a marketing director for Serious Sam titles, The Talos Principle, and many more Croatian games. Still in love with video games and all things related.

Damir Durovic


As a veteran of games industry with 22 years of combined experience in running huge games industry events, media and being key part on marketing and PR side of things Damir has seen empires fall and rise. For last 8 years together with an incredible and small but super agile team has been running REBOOT brand that besided running one of the biggest comsumer games shows in Europe, as well as the big European consumer games media is the company behind world famous Reboot Develop Blue and Red, two games industry conferences that have redefined the worldwide games industry event landscape. Damir was also recently elected to serve as an advisor on advisory board of European Game Developers Federation.