Speakers 2023

In its 8th edition, the conference is set to feature another stunning Reboot Develop Blue signature, 150+ speakers big, super unique, high-end lineup in 8 tracks.

The line-up will be updated on weekly basis, so check back frequently.

Chantal Ryan

We Have Always Lived In The Forest
Founder / Game Director

Founder of We Have Always Lived In The Forest, Chantal designs, directs, and produces experimental narrative games and systems built upon disruptive language technologies (at present: darkwebSTREAMER). She holds a BA (Advanced) in Anthropology & English as well as multiple nerdy scholar’s titles. She founded the Women Leaders In Games network + is a Women In Games Ambassador, an IGDA International Scholar & recipient of the 2022 Humble Creator of Color Award. Prone to snarky comments, spontaneous chaos, and hugs.

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Strange Scaffold
Studio Head

Xalavier Nelson Jr. is a BAFTA-nominated studio head, narrative director, and writer, with dozens of titles under his belt including Stranger Things VR, Reigns: Beyond, Hypnospace Outlaw, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, and El Paso, Elsewhere. He also makes strides in a burgeoning storytelling career outside of games, with releases such as the cult hit comic Sherlock Holmes Hunts the Moth Man.

Dave Oshry

New Blood Interactive

Dave Oshry is the head of New Blood Interactive and one of the most prolific independent game development CEOs working in the industry today. Known to players for the string of best selling, top rated indie hits DUSK, AMID EVIL, ULTRAKILL, GLOOMWOOD and FAITH. Unfortunately, you probably know him from social media instead.

Tramell Ray Isaac

Liithos Entertainment
Vice President of Art

Currently serving as the VP of Art at Liithos Entertainment where they are unlocking the power of web3 to transform the ways we engage with entertainment. Tramell has spent the last 29 years creating a number of classic RPG’s and First Person Shooters. Fallout, Fallout 2, Planetside, Planetside 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Lawbreakers, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and GhostBusters: Spirits Unleashed are amongst the growing list of PC and Console games that grace his resume. He has spent the majority of his career as a manager, mentor, and leader of artists, animators and technical personnel, with a focus on creating better group cohesion and team dynamics. Though shy of it he is the legendary artist that created as much as legendary original Vault Boy in Fallout.

Patrice Désilets

Panache Digital Games
President and Creative Director

Patrice now cumulates 25 years in the games industry and has been recognized over the years for his audacity and thinking outside the box. With a background in theater, improvisation and cinema, he gets his creative inspiration in all sorts of art forms as well as in history. Most known for his work on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and as the original creative director behind the global success franchise Assassin’s Creed, Patrice decided to found his own studio in 2014 in order to have complete creative freedom and create new and original IPs such as Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

Jörg Tittel


Jörg is a writer, director, producer and designer of films, plays and games. Projects include graphic novel Ricky Rouse Has a Gun (now being turned into a movie and game) and sci-fi drama The White King starring Jonathan Pryce. He’s currently producing the live action / painted animation A Winter’s Journey starring John Malkovich, the first feature to use Media Molecule’s Dreams to design and build its sets. The Last Worker, coming to VR, consoles, PC (and to Playdate with the spin-off title Skew) in early 2023, was the only game selected for the 78th Venice Film Festival. It is Jörg’s first collaboration with VR pioneers Wolf & Wood. Their second, a design and music driven next-gen VR game, will be announced and released before Reboot Develop Blue 2023.

Anya Combs

Game Consultant

Anya Combs has been in the games industry for over a decade wearing many hats. She got her start as the Developer Relations person at AddictingGames.com where she helped find many of your favorite flash games, had a semi-brief stint at Nickelodeon, eventually finding her way to Kickstarter where she was the Director of Games for a number of years. She currently works in tabletop games at BackerKit and consults with game creators looking to run crowdfunding projects, build their communities, and market their games. When not entrenched in the world of games, Anya is a freelance musician in NYC, playing saxophone all over the tri-state area.

Dave Gilbert

Wadjet Eye Games
Founder / CEO

Dave has been interested in adventure games ever since 1986, when his mother made the mistake of buying him a copy of Infocom’s Wishbringer. Fifteen years later, he discovered the Adventure Game Studio engine and began making his own. In 2006, he decided that making games was too much fun to do anything else for a living, and formed Wadjet Eye Games to do just that. In the 17 years since, Wadjet Eye has developed and/or published over 15 games including the Blackwell series, Unavowed, Technobabylon, and most recently Hob’s Barrow.

Patrick Sweeney

Interactive Entertainment Law Group

Patrick Sweeney is the founder of the Interactive Entertainment Law Group. He is one of the leading attorneys in the video game industry, having served both as in-house and external counsel to a variety of companies in his career. In his 25 years in the games industry, Sweeney has negotiated an array of game development agreements for more than 1000 games and over 50 film, TV and comic licenses, and dozens of M&A/corporate investment deals. The firm has represented 400+ clients from over 30 different countries.

Renaud Charpentier

Tower Five
CEO & Game Director

Renaud has been a video games creator for the last 25 years, serving as game designer & game director for companies like Ubisoft and Sega before co-founding Tower Five in 2017. He contributed to international licenses like Rayman, Splinter Cell, Total War or XIII but also worked on Indie games like Lornsword. His expertise and interest covers the wider definition of game design: from creative direction to player’s experience through the various tools and techniques to bring them to life.

Dan Pearson

Product marketing manager

After over a decade in industry journalism at Eurogamer and GamesIndustry.biz, and five years working in BD and marketing since, I have just about begun to understand the ever evolving wonders of the games industry.

I’m very lucky to be working for a company on the forefront of entertainment innovation, allowing me to continue to grow that understanding.

Damir Durovic


Through 25 years of combined experience in running huge games industry events, games media and working within marketing/PR in the industry Damir has seen empires rise and fall, and through all those years has finally grown an awesome beard. For last 11 years together with an incredible and small but super agile team has been running REBOOT brand consisting of both media and events sub-labels, featuring among others one of the biggest consumer game shows in Europe while also throughout a full decade of its existence building the world famous Reboot Develop Blue and Red, two games industry conferences that have redefined the worldwide games industry event landscape while conceptualizing the true meaning of the boutique games industry conferences. Damir also has vast experience in consulting on both marketing and PR matters within the industry as well as taking part in various M&A efforts worldwide.