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Event details

Reboot Develop Blue 2019 will be taking place from 11th to 13th of April 2019 in the legendary historical seaside city of Dubrovnik, also known as “real world King’s Landing” from HBO TV series Game of Thrones.  The conference will again take place at the luxurious conference resort – Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera.

In 2019 in the sixth edition the conference has undergone total name and logo rebranding (with Blue edition in the same year being set in Dubrovnik, CROATIA during spring while Red will take place in Banff, Canada during fall) being set to grow again and go again level higher then previous iteration, reconfirming it’s position as the most unique, premier and high-end games industry and game developers event in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide. It will have more then 120+ speakers during 3 days at 8 tracks with the truly big B2B expo and indie expo areas.

While conference will retain it’s unique and boutique atmosphere plus high-end experience it will increase it’s attendance numbers even more to beyond 2000+ games industry members from more then 800+ companies (with attendee structure being comepletely worldwide with no focus on specific region/nation or even a continent anymore)

The annual worldwide renown Reboot Develop Indie Award and life achievement Reboot Develop Hero Award are set to take place again on the last day of conference. For all questions regarding sponsorship or exhibiting feel free to contact us as soon as possible, as interest is huge already, directly at b2b@rebootdevelop.hr


Reboot Develop is a conference focused strictly on games industry professionals such as game developers, artists, audio artist (both seniors and indie), managers, PR, marketing experts, or sales and publisher representatives.

Registration and prices

*** Even with huge capacity increase for Reboot Develop Blue 2019 we have already sold out of more then 60% of conference attendee capacity (more then 2000+). BE SURE TO BOOK YOUR CONFERENCE PASSES ON TIME!

Attendance fee of 365 EURO is the LAST MINUTE conference registration price
AVAILABLE until 11th of April 2019

Premier of first edition of Reboot Develop Uni conference was moved to second half of 2019 because of a huge interest for the event. We have already booked a whole dedicated resort in Dubrovnik area, right in the beautiful city of Cavtat for it! Any students are still welcome to attend Reboot Develop Blue 2019 with purchasing standard tickets.

– access to more then 150 lectures by 120 speakers in 8 tracks during 3 days
– access to B2B expo and indie expo areas
– amazing lunch at Sheraton resort during all 3 days + 2 daily coffee breaks
– entrance to all standard parties and social events

Special packages

We are continuing with limited offering of extremely popular  One is intended for those of you seeking that super unique Reboot Develop Blue high-end experience that conference is known worldwide for. The other one is on the more affordable end intended for budget minded developers and indies, because we want to support them the best we can! Both packages are available in extremely limited quantity.

Attendance fee of 975 EUR is the VIP package price, it includes ONE all access conference pass (all lectures, parties, lunches at Sheraton + coffee breaks during conference days) + access to 3 various high level VIP events:

VIP UNEXPLORED SECRETS OF DUBROVNIK and it’s surroundings tour (shooting locations, pirate caves, arboretums, abandoned fortresses) + fine dining dinner
VIP EXECUTIVES YACHTING and networking half day side event, with fine dining lunch included
VIP PRE-CONFERENCE FINE DINING DINNER (that includes all speakers present as well)
– additional epic surprise VIP side event
VIP HIGH-END OYSTER RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE + TOWN OF STON TOUR and networking, half day side event, with fine dining lunch included

Attendance fee of 695 EUR for this special and limited indie package for two persons includes:
— TWO all access conference passes (all lectures, parties, lunches at Sheraton + coffee breaks during conference days)
— ACCOMMODATION for TWO, 4 nights with breakfast in twin beds room at beautiful Asterea hotel *** next door to the conference venue.
— ONE optional Indie Expo slot

Sponsorship options

Become a part of the very select group of partners and sponsors supporting Reboot Develop Blue 2019 high-end games industry and game developers conference. There is a wide variety of sponsorship options available as well as almost unlimited custom tailored options, the crazier ideas the better! For more information please reach out directly to sponsorship@rebootdevelop.hr

More about the organization behind the conference

A veteran games industry team from Reboot, besides being the founders and event holders of Reboot Develop games industry and game developers conference, are also runners of one of the most influential games media brand in Europe, besides that Reboot team is preparing the huge seventh annual Reboot InfoGamer games show, one of the biggest consumer centric game conventions in the whole Europe. Find out more at www.rebootinfogamer.hr

Need more info about event?

If you need more information about Reboot Develop Blue 2019 conference or wish to contact us, reach us directly at info@rebootdevelop.hr

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