The real world “King’s Landing”

Having visited Dubrovnik, the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw wrote: “Those who search for paradise on Earth, should come and see Dubrovnik”. Unique for its impressive medieval forts, churches, monuments and palaces, Dubrovnik is often called the pearl of the Adriatic. More than a thousand-year old history of Dubrovnik made it a cultural but also the high-end leisure center of Europe. It can’t be described by mere words. Just taking look from the highest spot, a mountain behind Dubrovnik called Srđ, reveals the beauty of this magnificent and legendary historical city.

Dubrovnik has a well-deserved longstanding worldwide fame that has been lasting for decades and has just been recently amplified by becoming a Hollywood love child. A good chunk of Star Wars: Episode 8 was filmed on its charming and mysterious streets, while new DiCaprio’s Robin Hood is just being filmed there a few months before the conference starts. But what really made it famous inside of the games industry and movie industry circles, is the city becoming one of the main settings for the shooting of award-winning Game of Thrones HBO TV series (King’s Landing). Take a walk on its monumental historical city walls and experience it for yourself.

When you find yourselves in Dubrovnik and promenade along its narrow streets and squares, you will come across a large number of world-famous historical sights. Dubrovnik is a place of gastronomic delight, and its life in the open air and Mediterranean style are completed with a rich and varied culinary choice. One of the main reasons for visiting Dubrovnik is definitely its warm, mild and dry Mediterranean climate. Dubrovnik has around 260 sunny days per year, and the days without sun are uncommon.