Frequently Asked Questions - and answers to everything and anything regarding the conference

How do I submit a speech, I don’t see speech submissions being open?
That is because Reboot Develop Blue conference is widely (in)famous for being curated, invitation only (where invites are sent roughly a year in advance) when it comes to building it’s high-end speaker list. This is how our board manages to keep the focus on both very specific topics as well as inviting best of the best industry creators and leaders to speak at the conference. If you feel that you would fit the lineup perfectly do not hesitate to drop us a line and show your interest at info@rebootdevelop.hr because we do make few exceptions every year.

Is there a meeting application, I can’t find it anywhere! How do I meet people?

This another thing which is strong signature of Reboot Develop Blue. We have become known for super relaxed way of doing organic business and meetings at our event and our attendees value that approach immensely. As the whole conference is taking place inside of the same conference resort where all of the attendees are staying and spending all of their time, you will be able to meet face to face all of them, sit with them for a meeting in of the beautiful resort lounges overlooking Adriatic sea or just setup a lunch or a dinner at one of great restaurants around.

Are there some specific networking events I should be aware of?
Yes, more then few, and we reveal them as soon as they are confirmed. This year there will be two big night time parties, Outfit7 pool party on 1st night and Oculus beachside party on 2nd night of the conference. Besides that more then a dozen invite only parties and side events will be happening during Reboot Develop. Super exclusive ones are part of very limited VIP package while others are being organizer by various attending companies and associations themselves.

Where should I stay, what are suggested accommodation options? Usual booking sites are telling me all interesting options nearby are sold out?
Conference is taking place at Sheraton resort in a lagoon short ride away from historical city center of Dubrovnik hence all of the suggested accommodation options are within the same lagoon / resort area. All of the accommodation options at wide resort area are pre-reserved by us and provided at significant discount exclusively through custom booking links at www.rebootdevelopblue.com/accommodation While some of them do get sold out fast there is still variety of excellent options available.

What is the best way to travel to Dubrovnik and Reboot Develop Blue conference?
From April newly built and expanded Dubrovnik airport already has a sizeable selection of daily direct flights to most of major European airport hubs which are within an 1-2 hours of flight away, so it is pretty convenient. If you are flying in from USA, Asia or Africa we suggest connecting in one of those major airport hubs within Europe (London, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Stockholm, Dublin, Madrid etc.). Beachside conference venue itself is just 15 minute taxi ride away from Dubrovnik airport. Besides flying in directly to Dubrovnik there are other options as well, other choices would include flying to major airport of Split further north from Dubrovnik (cca 2 hours drive away) or Podgorica or Tivat airports in Montenegro (cca 2 hour drive away, great connections to Moscow) and driving or grabbing a cab ride from there. For those up for a road trip Croatia has an excellent newly built network of speedy highways and it is entirely possible to drive in efficiently from anywhere within Europe.