Apply for the selection process for fourth annual Reboot Develop Blue Pitching Sessions powered by Versus Evil

After huge interest in 2019 edition of the event, with more than 100+ project applications in the fifth edition of Reboot Develop Blue Pitching Sessions in 2022, we are making the whole indie pitching sessions process public and it will be part of one of the open big stages!

Thanks to our sponsors and friends from Versus Evil, we will make it even more impactful, and we will be again putting interesting indie projects in front of the biggest investor/publisher audience so far (with a target of having 15+ companies present with preselected/curated pitches at the closed of sessions themselves).

The idea again is to award the best pitch/game, but also to put the best pre-selected games in front of potential investors and publishers who are actually joining the closed of pitching sessions with intent onto looking for potential new ventures!

We are again making the process as easy as possible. Just fill out the dedicated web form linked below by the 21st of September, and we will notify you by the 25th of September if you were one of the 15 games selected for our third edition of pitching sessions at Reboot Develop Blue.

IMPORTANT: You must have conference ticket bought and register for yourself or your team, to be able to apply for Reboot Develop Blue Pitching Sessions 2022.

Read the Rules & Regulations before you apply.

Those selected will have to pitch their game in front of the board in a very short, impactful and meaningful manner, having time to show their trailer video, do the 5-minute project pitch itself and then being QAed by the pitching sessions board.

The winner will be announced at Indie Award and Hero Award ceremony on Saturday, 1st of October and the winner will take a sizeable sponsored prize set, but most important of all a potential to get an investment or a publishing deal for his game from any of the members of pitching board (to be announced at later date).