Speakers 2025

While the first wave of speakers for the 10th edition of Reboot Develop Blue 2025 is getting ready to be published during the summer, please check the lineup of incredible speakers that we had the honor to host at 2024 edition of the conference.


Christofer Sundberg

Liquid Swords
Founder and COO

Serial entrepreneur and investor, based in Stockholm, Sweden. After working with marketing and PR on the publishing side of the business, he joined Paradox Entertainment in 1999, as a producer, business developer and game designer. In 2002, he started Avalanche Studios. Under his creative leadership, the studio created original IP’s such as Just Cause, theHunter, Renegade Ops and Second Extinction. 

After leaving Avalanche Studios in 2019, he founded Liquid Swords in late 2020. Liquid Swords was founded with a mission to simplify AAA+ game development and to focus on quality games, with a respectful relationship to its players. 



Nedim Halilović

Mad Head Games
Lead Gameplay Programer

Nedim started working in game dev in 2012. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a professional career. Nedim has worked as a programmer on many different projects, implementing various game-ready systems. Throughout the years, he has shown the most interest towards developing different AI systems. Today, Nedim works for Mad Head Games, as the lead AI programmer on one of their projects.

Anita Sarkeesian

Consultant and public speaker

Anita is a creative director, producer, and host with over a decade of experience leading teams to create award-winning, impactful work. As the Executive Director of Feminist Frequency and the Games and Online Harassment Hotline, she and her team work to end abuse in the games industry.

Anita cares deeply about justice which takes her in all sorts of directions, whether it’s hosting a podcast about feminism and popular culture, creating a video series about fascinating historical women who must not be forgotten, or building an emotional support hotline for the gaming community. At the core of everything she does is the desire to dismantle the social, economic, and political barriers that put marginalized people at a disadvantage.



Ste Curran

Game Designer / Creative Director

Ste Curran is a game designer and creative director from London, England. As well as working on games that he probably can’t talk about right now he hosts the world’s longest-running gaming radio show, One Life Left, and runs Maraoke, a night of pop songs rewritten about videogames. His monologues about game design and culture have been variously described as “life-changing” and “an hour of nothing”. He is also well known as eloquent, humorous and entertaining part of opening and closing ceremonies of Reboot Develop that way being a perfect counterweight for overly emotional Damir, head of Reboot team.



David Housden


BAFTA and Ivor Novello nominated composer for ‘Disney Illusion Island’, also known for collaborations with visionary game developer Mike Bithell on the BAFTA winning Thomas Was Alone and Volume. Harnessing synths, strings, pianos and augmented found sounds, his sonic palette consistently pushes the boundaries of media music, winning the TIGA award for ‘Best Audio’ for his work on ‘Lost Words: Beyond the Page’. His recent projects include ‘Disney Illusion Island’ for Nintendo Switch and the reimagining of the Rare cult classic ‘Battletoads’ for Xbox. Currently working on Bonsai Collective’s dark, bullet-hell FPS ‘Luna Abyss’ among other unannounced titles.



Alex Nicholson

Uwu Biz

Alex is co-founder of Uwu Biz, director of Sondog Studios and infrequent angel investor. Previously, Alex was Operations Director and interim CEO at London based indie publisher – Modern Wolf, where he was focused on business, portfolio and leadership.

Antonio Pašalić

WN Media Group
Program Director

Antonio spent his time in the industry building business conferences across China and Southeast Asia, while based in Beijing. He also managed ESL Asia‘s operations from Singapore. Aditionally, he pioneered the first Japanese B2B esports event. Now, returning to his passion for organizing and hosting conferences worldwide, he ventures into the realm of AI. Largely inspired by music, and cookbooks.

Jari-Pekka Kaleva

Managing Director

Jari-Pekka Kaleva is an institution nerd working for video game geeks revolutionising the world as we know it. He is one of the founding members of the Finnish games industry umbrella organisation, Neogames Finland. Currently, he works as Managing Director at the European games industry umbrella organisation EGDF and Chief Policy Advisor at Neogames. He has more than a decade of experience tracking national and EU-level political decision-making from the game industry’s point of view. Before becoming a game industry advocate in Helsinki, he focused on researching literary institutions in his studies, worked at a game developer startup in Oulu, and was active in several Finnish and international NGOs.

Antonia Forster

Senior XR Technical Specialist

Antonia is a Senior XR Technical Specialist at Unity, and an award-winning speaker and software developer, specializing in VR, AR, Spatial Computing and other immersive technology. As a self-taught coder and a TEDx speaker, she is passionate about sharing her expertise to empower game developers and creators from all backgrounds. Outside of work, Antonia is the Founder and Co-Creator of the world’s first LGBTQ+ VR Museum, a multi-award-winning immersive experience.

Brian Fargo

InXile Entertainment
Studio Head

Mr. Fargo has over 40 years of experience in the software publishing industry, including the founding of Interplay Entertainment Corp. in 1983. In addition to Interplay, Mr. Fargo formed an on-line entertainment company with partner Softbank in 1996 and sat on the board of Virgin Europe after it was acquired by Interplay in 1998.

Brian Fargo has been behind some of the greatest game franchises of all time including The Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, Descent, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Sacrifice, Icewind Dale, and Star Trek, Battle Chess, and the list goes on. Additionally he worked with companies such as Blizzard, Treyarch and Bioware during their startup years.



Craig Fletcher


Craig Fletcher is a seasoned entrepreneur. He founded Multiplay in 1997 and led its growth to become the UK’s largest video gaming events and Esports company, as well as the largest provider of online gaming servers. Now, Craig acts as a business angel, consultant and investor in the Esports, tech and video gaming space, and Gameye’s Chief Operating Officer. His goal? To drive Gameye’s mission of providing cutting-edge multiplayer server solutions amidst the industry’s increasing demands and challenges. When he’s not building businesses, you’ll find him geeking over the latest tech and games, or backing up all of Wikipedia for fun.

Stefan Ideler

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) & Co-founder

Stefan Ideler joined i3D.net in 2004. With over 20 years of experience within the Infrastructure, Networking and Game Services side of the industry he’s been at the forefront of launching online multiplayer games from the very beginning and seen the industry transform from Consumer Hosted Game Servers to Centralized Orchestration Platforms for Live Games that need to be online 24/7. He has held multiple keynotes and participated in various panels at multiple events like More-IP, RTM Tech days, Dutch Game Day, BNR Nieuwsradio and Reboot Develop Blue 2023 in Croatia.


Matt Firor

ZeniMax Studios
Studio Director / President

Matt Firor is an industry veteran specializing in virtual world and live service massively multiplayer game technologies and entertainment. He is currently Studio Director at ZeniMax Online Studios (which he founded in 2007), and before that was Vice President and a founder of Mythic Entertainment. He has been making multiplayer games since the late 1990’s, with all 14 shipped titles being exclusively multiplayer.

Firor is best known for his giant live service online RPGs The Elder Scrolls Online (launched 2014 with ZeniMax Online) and Dark Age of Camelot (launched 2001 with Mythic Entertainment). He also shipped 12 other titles at Mythic and before including Rolemaster: Magestorm, Godzilla Online, Aliens Online, Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict, Silent Death Online, and others. He has lectured at MIT, the University of Virginia, and USC.



Erla Arnadottir

Head of Business Development

Erla is the Head of Business Development for LootLocker where she leverages her nearly 2 decades of experience growing and supporting tech startups through strategic partnerships, brand visibility, and stakeholder management. Having previously helped establish the Icelandic Games Industry (IGI), Erla has spent her career working predominantly with game technology companies like Crytek and Polystream.

Motivated by the transformative potential of gaming, Erla’s unconventional journey as a dyslexic/ADHD single parent has instilled in her the importance of perseverance, collaboration, and a tenacious attitude to make a positive impact on the world.

Sébastien Pellicano

Head of International Sales

With over 15 years of experience in the video game industry, I am a dynamic professional specializing in international retail and digital sales, partner relations, and business development, with a proven track record of building long-term investor, developer, publisher, platform, and licensor partnerships.

Throughout my career, I have been consistently driven to achieve revenue growth and excelled in building high-performing sales teams.

My previous role as a Game Director provided me with a comprehensive understanding of managing diverse disciplines with varying objectives and tight deadlines.

Deeply committed to driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the global gaming community, I also take pride in being a devoted father to my 5-year-old son, balancing my passion for gaming with family life.



Marta Kunić

Senior game developer

Marta Kunić is a senior game developer at Nanobit, Croatia’s largest game dev studio with a focus on free-to-play mobile games. Marta graduated in computer science and loves every aspect of her job from writing gameplay mechanics to bringing user interfaces to life through dynamic animations. She enjoys challenges and solving difficult problems. In her spare time Marta finds joy in baking cakes and reading books.



Shawn Alexander Allen

Studio Head

Shawn Alexander Allen is an award winning game designer, artist, writer & the head of NuChallenger, creating dope art & culture with games as the primary focus. Shawn has spent >20 years working on AAA, indie, VR and gallery based game installations. Shawn has also organized some of the biggest global initiatives for giving Black & brown game creators opportunities in the industry. Shawn is obsessed with action movies, comedy, fighting games, RPGs, poetry, sneakers, rap music & greater Hip-Hop culture.

Roberto Sasso


Roberto Sasso is CTO of Gameye. He comes from a small town in Italy, where he found he had a knack for hardware, becoming the go-to techie in his local community. Since then, he’s squashed bugs. Helped develop racing controllers with Cube Controls. Lead the architecture for Yoox. And steered companies through huge billion-dollar acquisitions. As a lover of gaming and motorsports, Roberto came to us so he could steer his life towards his passion.

Susie McBeth

Raw Fury

Leading the marketing and sales efforts at Indie Un-Publisher Raw Fury, Susie is a creative force with a passion for helping games shine and get into the hands of gamers all over the world. She runs a multinational team distributed across the world and has played an important part in several award-winning marketing campaigns for brands such as Pringles and VTM. She is also a Limit Break mentor and, when not marketing games, is a poet and artist.



Paweł Wróbel

Senior Brand Partnership Manager

Paweł Wróbel is a Senior Brand Partnership Manager at TikTok. He is looking after PC & Console Gaming Clients within the TikTok Global Gaming Team since October 2022. Beforehand he’s worked for over 4 years at PlayStation. Initially he was responsible for PS Plus and PS Store at PlayStation Poland running PS Plus Rewards loyalty programme and PS Plus Video Pass benefit for the subscribers. Then he worked for Global Third Party Relations Team, looking after Rockstar, Ubisoft, CD PROJEKT RED, Gearbox and Private Division.


Johanna Pirker

Game Lab Graz
Lab Director

Dr. Johanna Pirker is a computer scientist leading the Game Lab Graz focusing on game and VR development, research, and education and is an active and strong voice of the local dev community. In 2011/12 she started researching and developing VR experiences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the moment, she is Prof. for game development at the Graz University of Technology and researches games with a focus on AI, HCI, data analysis, and VR technologies. Johanna was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of science professionals for her innovations in immersive technologies.



Fawzi Mesmar

Vice President, Global Creative

Fawzi Mesmar is an award-winning Game designer, leader, author, and public speaker who has been in the gaming industry for over two decades in a career that spanned the Middle East, New Zealand, Japan, and Europe working for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard, Gameloft and Atlus to name a few. He has worked on over 20 titles that have been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide including entries in franchises like Star Wars, Mario, Battlefield, Persona and Others. He is also the author of “Al-Khallab in the art of game design” the first Arabic language textbook on game design and 3rd guy on the Habibis podcast. 



Jon Everist


Jon Everist is a multi award-winning, A2IM and ASCAP-nominated composer for games and film, writing music for franchises such as Overwatch 2, Shadowrun and PUBG as well as Mike Bithell’s The Solitaire Conspiracy. He also scored the critically acclaimed BattleTech video game which was nominated for ‘Best Video Game Score of the Year’ at the 34th ASCAP Screen Music Awards, and went on to win several other awards including honors from The Jerry Goldsmith Awards. Jon’s latest opus for the alternate 1930s pulp adventure The Lamplighters League was recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios and the soundtrack album (released via Lakeshore Records) is nominated for ‘Best Record From Games and Interactive Media’ at the 2024 A2IM (American Association of Independent Music) Libera Awards.



Błażej Żywiczyński

Fairy Mount Games

Producer, writer, executive, martial artist, designer. But first and foremost – a gamer who loves this industry. A firm believer in mature game design. In games that do not only provide fun but also tell compelling stories through their mechanics, giving the player an opportunity to self-reflect. Strives to facilitate creating unique pieces of art to the best of his abilities. So far, he’s been able to do that by producing titles like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Frostpunk and This War of Mine.

Currently the CEO of Fairy Mount Games – a studio created to lead the charge of the Godot revolution.


Ashley Blake

Andromeda Entertainment

Ashley “ashleyriott” Blake is the Chief Operating Officer for Andromeda Entertainment, global publisher oftransformative VR content since 2019, and a finalist for Innovative VR Company of the Year at the 6th International VR Awards. After using VR to recover from spine surgery in the spring of 2018, she became convinced the future of healthcare, education, socialization, gaming, and everything was in-headset and decided to take a leave of absence from her fourteen-year career in retail pharmacy to pursue virtual reality. She has steered the community, communications, & marketing ships for over a dozen made-for-VR IPs & has helped teams successfully launch & maintain experiences on major VR platforms worldwide, including Meta, Steam, Viveport, Springboard, YVR, Pico, Huawei, NOLO, iQIYI, & PlayStation VR.



Teemu Haila


Teemu has long been a familiar face in Finland’s gaming industry. As a teenager, he built some of the country’s first online gaming communities and clubs, and established charities to support them. Turning his hobby into a career, he joined Wooga in 2010 before co-founding Playraven two years later. After Playraven’s 2019 acquisition by Rovio, Teemu co-founded Metaplay to address a common challenge for game developers – scalable and customizable backend tech. His 15+ years advancing the industry have been recognised by IGDA – in 2018, he won the IGDA Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the Finnish gaming community.


David Valjalo

Tencent Games
Creative Director, Studio Partnerships

David Valjalo defines agile career development. Beginning in retail over 20 years ago, he has worked as a tester (PlayStation), journalist (Edge magazine), consultant (Hit Detection, PlayStation), academic mentor (PlayStation), creative marketing director (Avalanche, Fatshark) and now oversees creative direction across a portfolio of projects at Tencent Games.

David is a cross-discipline communications expert with a unique, 360 understanding of videogames, interactive and visual storytelling.



Osama Dorias

Brass Lion Entertainment
Lead Gameplay Designer

Osama Dorias is the Lead Gameplay Designer at Brass Lion Entertainment. In the past, he worked at Blizzard, Warner Brothers, Ubisoft, Gameloft, etc…

He is a game design professor at Dawson College. He loves to empower people to express themselves through game-making.

He especially loves to give a voice to marginalized people and causes. He hosted game jams, workshops and other community activities to this end, which has culminated in co-founding the Montreal Independent Games Awards.



Josie Fletcher

Massive Monster
Head of marketing

Josie has a degree in “weird internet stuff”. With over 6 years of social media experience from multiple game titles to Full-time streaming. Over Her time at Massive Monster she has made many viral campaigns such as “The Lamb making out with Red from angry bird” to “threatening the internet to add sex to the game”.


Pavol Buday

PixelAnt Games
Business Development Manager

After more than a decade playing games and spending way too much time reviewing them, Pavol started paying attention to individuals and teams helping them to connect and finding the correct audience and partners by organizing meetups, public events and conferences in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Canada (Reboot Develop, Fest Anca and Game Days to name a few). Pavol co-founded Slovak Game Developers Association, was instrumental in setting up a public fund, is creator and curator for Game Conference Guide, your events calendar and currently he is developing business at PixelAnt Games a Sumo Digital Studio. He likes Gunpla and at Reboot he is hosting painting minifigures session. 



Jussi Tahtinen

Nitro Games
CEO & Co-founder

Jussi is a games industry veteran who has been developing games for +20 years. He’s the loud and proud CEO & Co-founder of NItro Games, a Nasdaq First North-listed Finnish games powerhouse focusing on mobile-first cross-platform games. Jussi is a versatile leader with experience from development and publishing to company management and funding. 

Stewart Chisam

Chief Executive Officer

Stewart Chisam is a CEO, entrepreneur, and early pioneer of the SaaS and GaaS sectors, with over 25 years of experience in video game and software development. In 2023, he co-founded RallyHere, a fully integrated platform for operating live service games, with a mission to democratize the landscape of the live service games sector. He is also the President of Hi-Rez Ventures, a global leader in online interactive entertainment, with teams in Atlanta and Brighton. He joined Hi-Rez in 2008 and became the President in 2014, where he scaled the company from 75 to 450 employees, and from one major game on one platform to multiple games across multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and Mobile.


Noirin Carmody

Revolution Software
Co-Founder / COO

Noirin Carmody founder and COO at Revolution Software is responsible for strategic business affairs. Noirin is the Executive Producer of Revolution’s games including the Broken Sword Series and Beneath a Steel Sky Series. She was voted one of the top UK 100 women in Games in 2013. Noirin is an elected board member of the UK Interactive Entertainment Games Association (Ukie) and is a voting member of BAFTA. She also holds a number of pro bono appointments.



Dean Takahashi

GamesBeat / VentureBeat
Lead Writer

Dean Takahashi is lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. He has been a tech journalist since 1988, and he has covered games as a beat since 1996. He has been at VentureBeat since 2008. Prior to that, he wrote for the San Jose Mercury News, the Red Herring, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and the Dallas Times-Herald. He is the author of two books, “Opening the Xbox” and “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked.” He organizes the annual GamesBeat and GamesBeat Summit conferences. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Vladimir Geršl

Cyber Sail Consulting

Vladimir Gersl, the founder of Cyber Sail Consulting, has made a significant impact on the gaming industry over the past two years. He leads one of the most influential consulting firms, with his experience including BAFTA nominations and two decades of senior and executive roles working with companies like Activision and Sony.

Under his guidance, Cyber Sail helps over 100 publishers and investors find suitable projects and manage portfolios. This shows the firm’s commitment to fostering growth and strategic alliances in the gaming sector. Vlad and his team’s dedication is instrumental in propelling both developers and publishers toward future success in the current gaming industry’s stormy seas.

William Hall

Dev Rel

William Hall is a member of the Oculus Publishing Team at Meta, as Dev Rel. He’s been with Oculus, and now Meta for nearly 9 years in total. A lifelong fan of video games, longtime fan of VR, and blessed to work with some of the most talented Devs in the space.

Kristina Jankovic Obucina

Executive Manager

In charge of member relations, ecosystem building, programs, as well as events and initiatives, Kris is here to communicate with relevant stakeholders and provide all information about Serbia’s growing gaming ecosystem.



Jakob Bambič

Senior Software Engineer

Upon completing his computer science studies at the University of Ljubljana, he jumped straight into the gaming industry by joining Outfit7, even before his official graduation. His journey began with the My Talking Tom 2 game, where he poured his passion for gaming and programming into three years of dedicated work. This opportunity allowed him to merge his professional skills with his personal interests, making his work highly engaging.


Tom Donegan


Tom Donegan is the COO of SpecialEffect, with overall responsibly for fundraising and day-to-day operations at the charity. He has been involved since the very beginning, initially assisting the founder, his father Dr Mick Donegan, on a voluntary basis, then working in the fundraising team alongside Nick Streeter. His brother Bill Donegan has also worked at the charity since the early days, and now heads-up the R&D team behind ground-breaking resources like the new SpecialEffect DevKit.

Anders Leicht Rohde

Funday Games
Chief Creative Officer

Anders has a professional background in game design which led him to believe that he could also run a game company. 13 years have now passed since he took the overly optimistic leap of faith of founding Funday Games in Denmark. His current role is Chief Creative Officer of the company as well as the more hands-on role of being Game Director specifically on Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. He is to this day still under the illusion that he can run a game company.


Ivan Fernandez Lobo

Gamelab Barcelona

Ivan is a creative technologist with a deep understanding of the gaming/entertainment media business and 20+ years experience facilitating and developing strategic business relationships and partnerships between gaming, technology and media companies worldwide. Ivan was the co-founder and first ever president of the Spanish Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. In 2005 Ivan founded the Gamelab Barcelona conference, a global think-tank where industry leaders get together to exchange ideas and share their visions about the futures of Gaming and Interactive Entertainment. He has played a key role in the development of the Spanish videogames ecosystem, bridging the interests of the different governments and the industry, and connecting opportunities for them worldwide.

Jarrod Palmer

Head of Gaming

Jarrod Palmer is Head of Gaming at servers.com. He works with studios, publishers and managed service providers within gaming to enhance their commercial success and underpin software with reliable, high-performance hardware. He has directly and indirectly supported the successful launch of some of the industry’s largest AAA game titles, including ARK: Survival Ascended, Last Epoch, Chivalry 2, Palworld and many more. He is a below-average golfer and self-confessed Call of Duty addict.

Juliette Auverny-Bennetot

Raw Fury
General counsel

Juliette is an entertainment lawyer who has spent the last twelve years working in the games industry, first at Paradox Interactive and today as Master of Rules™ at Raw Fury. She loves chasing infringers, cooking & drinking wine (not necessarily in that order).



Alberto Belli

Gamera Interactive
Co-Founder & CEO

Alberto runs Gamera Interactive, a boutique game label with over 20 releases on PC and consoles. He began his journey as a developer at Milestone, Italy’s largest gaming studio, before founding two of the biggest Italian studios: Reply Game Studios and Storm in a Teacup. He has been Editor-in-Chief of Xbox Magazine and Publishing Director of Eurogamer in Italy before moving into development. With over two decades of experience and a portfolio of over 150 games, including acclaimed titles developed for industry giants like Midway, Eidos, and Bethesda, he is now focused on the award-winning RPG Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, in his multifaceted roles as Game Director, Designer, and Writer.



Sanja Žugić

Playstudios Europe
Head of Studio Operations

Sanja Zugic, the Head of Studio Operations at Playstudios Europe, brings over a decade of experience in the gaming industry to the fore. A cornerstone of her career has been her dedication to community building, event organization, and fostering industry collaborations.
As a Serbian Games Association board member, she has contributed to shaping the development and direction of regional gaming community.

Sanja’s diverse background spans programming, marketing, operations, and event management, showcasing her as a leader who combines dynamic guidance with visionary insight. She is deeply dedicated to fostering young talent and spearheading innovation within the gaming community in the region. As a speaker, Sanja offers profound industry knowledge and a fervent vision for the future, making her an invaluable asset to her team and the company.



Sergei Kharchenko

CM Games

Serg has spent almost twelve years in game development, balancing between creative and marketing jobs. He’s switched roles: community manager, SMM, PR, and Biz Dev specialist. In 2017, he joined Creative Mobile and is now responsible for business development, knowledge exchange, and brand awareness.


Gordon Van Dyke

Raw Fury
CPO & Co-Founder

With almost 20 years in the games industry, Gordon Van Dyke has worked on AAA to Indie. He has experienced everything from the highs of super hits to the lows and the ‘how do we pivot’ of super flops. He has developed and published games and everything else in between. Described as a Swiss Army Knife of the games industry, his skills and coolness under pressure have enabled Gordon to excel as Co-Founder and Chief Games Officer of Raw Fury, a pillar of Indie Games Publishing.



Alyx Jones

Silver Script Games

The Game Awards Future Class, MCV 30 Under 30 and BAFTA Breakthrough star Alyx Jones has worked in dialogue and audio across titles from Elden Ring and Arcane to more recent releases of Arizona Sunshine II and Helldivers II. In 2022 Alyx founded indie studio Silver Script Games, currently working on their debut game “The Quiet Things”, with the goal of creating conversations around taboo aspects of mental health.



Youri Loedts

Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
Head of Games Fund

Youri was a journalist and editor-in-chief for the Dutch version of the Official PlayStation Magazine for 13 years. He traded in journalism for marketing and was a lead creative for several marketing agencies, where he worked for top clients like Netflix, Fox, Warner Bros., Ubisoft, PlayStation, Xbox and many more. In 2018 he started working at VAF as their first Head of the Games Fund, to build out the games department.


Ryan Peterson

Strategic Alternatives
Entrepreneur in Residence

Mr. Ryan Peterson is a Canadian entrepreneur and technology executive known for founding Finger Food Advanced Technology GroupTM, a Vancouver-based technology company that specialized in developing custom augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality solutions for enterprise clients across all industries. 

Under Ryan’s leadership, Finger Food Advanced Technology Group grew exponentially and became known world-wide for its expertise in creating custom solutions that help businesses operate more efficiently, hence driving the adoption of immersive technologies as part of their digital-transformation journey.

Benni Hill

Bonsai Collective
Creative Director & Co-Founder

An experienced creative director, writer, and designer who has led the creative charge on critically acclaimed titles such as Ether One and Q.U.B.E. 2, and consulted on titles such as Hue, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Worldless & Replaced. He was nominated for an IGF Award for Excellence in Design for his work on the video game Duskers in 2017, and also has won various awards as creative director, such as ‘Best Visual Design” at Reboot Develop 2023, for Bonsai Collective’s flagship title, Luna Abyss.



Mario Wynands


Mario Wynands is the CEO and co-founder of PikPok, a leading publisher of video games for mobile, desktop, and console based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Since 1997 he has led the studio in building a successful games portfolio that includes the critically and commercially successful Rival Stars® Horse Racing, Into the Dead® and Into the Dead 2, Super Monsters Ate My Condo™, Shatter® and more, which have been recognized with BAFTA and DICE Award nominations, as well as included on App Store and Google Play best of year lists. Wynands is a graduate of Victoria University in Wellington with degrees in business management and computer science.



Ed Smith

Sales Director

Ed is a tenured sales leader from IT leaders like EMC and AWS. Ed has worked with clients all over the world and has led multinational teams. Having been one of the foundational members of AWS’s Game Tech team, Ed is responsible for building, and leading, a customer facing team who are focused on helping game developers release great games. When not working, Ed is either playing games (preferably strategy or FPS), cooking, or travelling.


Heather Jackson

Astra Logical
Managing Director

Heather Jackson is the Managing Director of Astra Logical, a mission-driven video game publisher focused on trailblazing thinky games. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Heather previously worked at Amazon Games, where she focused on publishing strategy, product, and portfolio. She’s passionate about building sustainable teams, revolutionizing publishing, and great  synergies and systems.

Adam Boyes

Iron Galaxy Studios

Adam started working in the game industry in 1996. Getting his start at Electronic Arts Canada in the QA department, Adam eventually moved to Chicago and joined Midway’s production team in 2003. During his time at Midway, Adam took on the role of Executive Producer, working on MLB Slugfest and Blitz: The League. From there, Adam migrated as Director of Production at Capcom Canada for a few years before deciding to start his own company, Beefy Media. In 2012, Adam joined Sony Interactive Entertainment America as Vice President of Third-Party Relations. His strong desire to get back to his roots and start working on the actual creation of games again led him to Iron Galaxy, where he guided the incubation, development, launch, and support of Rumbleverse.



Sos Mikolaj Kaminski

Mad Scientist of Video Games

Game industry veteran with nearly 15 years experience as a solo indie developer, self proclaimed mad scientist of video games. Creator of the McPixel Trilogy, Mosh Pit Simulator, Super Pig, Thelemite, and many other games you have never heard of. Demoscene and retro hardware enthusiast, still creating games and demos for old computers. Organiser of 0h Game Jam. co-founder of 7DFPS. Co-creator of Doom Piano. Formerly a school teacher. Currently on a quest to create every video game ever.


Petri Alanko

Composer, Musician, Producer

Petri Alanko (aka Lowland) is a three-time BAFTA-nominated Finnish composer, musician and producer who creates deeply emotional soundscapes for visual media, including games, television and movies. His dynamic repertoire ranges from the haunting orchestral/electronic scores for Remedy Entertainment’s psycho-thriller, ALAN WAKE, to the thematic hybrid works of action blockbuster QUANTUM BREAK and the complex musical landscape of CONTROL featuring a twisted and ominous electronic sci- fi score for Remedy’s cinematic triumph. Returing to ‘The Dark Place’, Alanko’s latest musical adventure was composing the intense duality and character-driven score for Remedy’s supernatural horror sequel, ALAN WAKE II, released to universal critical acclaim in 2023.



Ioana Pohontu

Business Development Manager

Crafted in the crucible of code and engineering, she’s spent over 4 years blending her technical skills with a knack for fostering connections in the gaming realm. Over 3 years with Amber, she’s found her groove in the sweet spot where innovation and collaboration collide. Fueled by insatiable curiosity, she’s always on the hunt for the next big challenge, and the world of gaming provides the perfect playground for her ambition.



John Graham

Elbow Grease Games (EGG)

John started his career in 2008 running bizdev for Wolfire Games while they shipped Lugaru HD, Receiver and Overgrowth.  In 2010 he co-founded Humble Bundle which was successfully acquired in 2017 and has gone on to raise $250 million for charity and counting. He has been a member of Indie Fund since 2013 having helped fund titles like Duskers, Tunic, Hyper Light Drifter and Hollow Knight. He quietly founded a game studio incubator called Elbow Grease Games in 2022.  EGG is finally coming out of stealth here at Reboot to announce its Prototype Funding model.

Louis-René Auclair

RocketRide Games
Founder and Chief Rider

With 20+ years of experience in the video games industry, Louis has garnered expertise in studio development, game production, deal making, and publishing. Now the CEO of RocketRide Games, a video games agency with 18 video games experts working with 80 studios, Louis puts his expertise in leading the team to provide guidance on many facets important to achieving success in the game industry such as; pitching, creative direction, production, publishing and fundraising.



Anna-Carolin Weber

Artistic Director

Award-winning scholar and dancemaker Anna-Carolin Weber works at the intersection of theory and practice, with media choreography as her main focus. As a freelance choreographer, she creates performances that explore dance in relation to Virtual Reality and digital media. Awards: „DIVR Science Award 2021 – Best Impact“ and „AVril Gold 2020“ for Virtual Reality Moves. 2024 Co-Founder of VR DANCE CLUB. 2021–2023 Federal Grants for Media-Choreography Performance Projects. 2008-2020 Academic Faculty Member at Ruhr-University Bochum, at Cologne University for Music and Dance, and at Cologne University for Media and Communication.


Nikola Šobajić

Supergiant Games

Inspired by Luke Skywalker’s bionic hand, Nikola spent his student years studying biomedical engineering. He has since found a new path for himself in game development, specifically at Supergiant Games, in an experiment in remote work that worked out wonderfully. For the past 4 years, he has been working on optimizing and evolving their proprietary game engine and bringing Hades to 7 platforms and currently working on Hades II. Previously, Nikola worked as a team lead at Ubisoft on the Ghost Recon and Riders Republic games, leading teams of 5-20 programmers creating gigantic open worlds. Besides programming, Nikola is interested in creating cruelty-free game development environments, finding ways to increase exposure of the Balkan video game community and board games.



Jeffrey Hilbert

Final Strike Games

Jeff has been intimately involved in working with Independent Game Development Studios and Publishers in the Game industry for over twenty years, He is internationally recognized as one the top business executives in the video game industry having secured in excess USD 15,00,000,000 in funding for Development Studios directly or through his companies. Jeff provides unparalleled business development, and management expertise and has the valuable distinction of having represented publishers, distributors, and developers from start-up through exit. 

Jeff founded Starting Point Games to work more directly with a few select partners as part of their Executive Staff and as an active Advisor. Before Starting Point Games Jeff founded Digital Development Management (DDM), which quickly became the top video game agency in the world where he still serves as an Advisor.



Tim Browne

Avalanche Studios Group
Creative Director

Tim has spent the past 25 years working in the games industry within the creative side. He has worked at Ubisoft, Codemasters, Activision Blizzard King & Avalanche Studios among others. Though his passion is on the creative side he has also found a keen interest in staff management & development having spent a lot of training in developing and improving those skills.

Tim has also guest lectured at various universities, is an advisory board member for Forsberg’s Skola in Sweden and since 2021 also a co-founder/partner in Bright Gambit, an indie support initiative.

Grégoire Charlier

Digital Sales Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I started my career by creating my own video game website, driven by a passion for delivering fresh news, compelling articles, and my unique vision of what I love. This initial experience led me to transition into retail, where I served as a store manager for Micromania, the French subsidiary of Gamestop.

Then, I seized the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the digital sales department at Nacon, where I have been dedicated for nearly 8 years now. In my current role, I oversee all aspects of digital sales distribution and associated revenue growth. Additionally, I manage direct relationships with first-party entities, lead all promotions plans for our all games worldwide on all stores, and facilitate the expansion of game titles onto new platforms while ensuring adherence to best practices across all digital stores.



Tomislav Božić

Technical Content Designer

With over 8 years in Croteam, Tomislav developed a rich technical knowledge on how content is made. Working with Croteam on games such as Serious Sam 4 and the Talos Principle 2, Tomislav dealt with various challenges, such as creating detailed levels through Level Art and Lighting Art, creating centralized shaders that the whole studio uses and general optimization of content. His knowledge spans multiple disciplines, such as Level Design, Level Art, Lighting Art and Technical Art. He generally calls himself a Technical Content Designer to encompass his whole knowledge-base gained throughout the years.

Petr Sovis

PixelAnt Games Czech
Tech Director

Petr is a simulation coder focusing on animation, physics, and navigation systems andcomputer geometry with 25 years of experience.


Petr created animation engines and player gameplay code and tools for Mafia II (2010) and DayZ (2019). Also, he created physic system, animation code and navigation system from scratch for El Matador (2006) and acted as a lone coder for a bunch of smaller games including Rocket Boots Mania (2020).

All his time is now devoted to creating new worlds and new IPs in PixelAnt Games a Sumo Digital studio.



Saku Lehtinen

Mainframe Industries
Creative Director / Co-founder

Saku has been part of the Finnish game scene for 30+ years, from a teenage Amiga artist to an investor and mentor. From 1996 to 2019, he was at Remedy, most notably in Max Payne (2001), Art Directing Max Payne 2 (2003), and Alan Wake (2010). Over the years, he has spearheaded most aspects of the game creative field: cinematics, design, tools, pipelines, audio, music, and franchises.

Saku is a Co-founder and Creative Director of Mainframe Industries, an independent venture-backed game studio founded in 2019 with offices in Helsinki, Reykjavik, and Paris. Mainframe brings together industry veterans with a mission to reimagine MMO for this decade. Pax Dei was announced in 2023 and will enter early access later this year.

Nathan Sölbrandt

Business Development Manager Indies

Nathan Sölbrandt serves as the Business Development Manager Indies for Xsolla in Europe. His career includes strategy consulting, raising venture capital for a Metaverse startup, co-founding a serious games company where he was a producer for learning experiences in multiplayer virtual worlds. Nathan’s primary focus at Xsolla is nurturing and supporting Europe’s thriving Indie Games scene.


Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Strange Scaffold
Studio Head

Xalavier Nelson Jr. is a BAFTA-nominated studio head, narrative director, writer, and Forbes 30 under 30 luminary, with dozens of titles under his belt including Stranger Things VR, Magic: The Gathering, Hypnospace Outlaw, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, and El Paso, Elsewhere. He also makes strides in a storytelling career outside of games, with releases such as the cult hit comic Sherlock Holmes Hunts the Moth Man



Luka Dorotić

Co-Founder / Partner

Luka is a partner at COLIC DOROTIC, a Zagreb based law firm that focuses on technology and IT industry.

With over a decade of expertise, Luka has been advising clients in the areas of corporate and commercial law, contributing to some of the most prominent transactions in the region.

Excited to discuss the legal side of gaming at the upcoming conference – let’s make law and tech the ultimate power couple!



Chris Filip

UK Global Screen Fund | British Film Institute
Fund Manager - International Business Development

Chris is the Fund Manager for the International Business Development strand of the UK Global Screen Fund, a £7M per year fund helping independent UK screen companies boost international development, production, distribution, and promotional opportunities. Before joining the BFI, Chris managed the Creative UK New Ideas Fund, and designed and delivered some of the UK’s leading games business support programmes – Foundations for Games and Games Scale Up.


Brogan Keane

Double Black Capital
Founder and Managing Partner

Brogan Keane is founder and Managing Partner of Double Black Capital, an investment bank advising leaders in media, entertainment, and gaming companies. DBC clients span the universe of leading content creators and enablers including Xsolla, Amber, GoodAI, Illfonic, Deck Nine, Super Jump Games, Keen Software House, and others. Brogan spent the first 15 years of his career as an operating leader in video game and consumer application companies of all sizes and maturities (Electronic Arts, OnLive, Sony). Brogan has also executed corporate restructurings and turnarounds in various media companies (SpeedDateSmashcast) and, most recently, has focused on client-driven, lifecycle finance and growth advisory at DBC.



Shuli Gilutz

Programme Officer Child Rights & Digital Business

Shuli Gilutz, PhD., Programme Officer Child Rights & Digital Business, UNICEF is a global expert in child-centered design with over 20 years of experience working both in industry andacademia, leading UX research, design, and strategy of digital experiences for children and families. In the past decade, Shuli served as a Google Launchpad UX mentor anda founding board member of the Designing for Children’s Rights Association. Shuli holds an MA from Stanford’sLearning, Design, and Technology program and a Ph.D. inPsychology from Columbia University.

Maarten de Koning

Executive Vice President

With more than 15 years experience, Maarten de Koning is a highly respected executive, entrepreneur and advisor in the game industry. As Partner and Executive Vice President, Maarten has been with DDM since 2013 when he merged his own agency into the company.

He oversees the European and Asian markets, for which he is responsible for the expansion and servicing of clients, new business development and laying the groundwork for new services that are designed to provide even greater benefits to both the company and clients, such as DDM’s Investment Services, which aids both developers and investors with equity investment and M&A.



Tobias Kopka

Program Director

Tobias Kopka is a veteran program director, steering his agency curatomic and thriving as a freelance consultant in gaming. Influencing major events like Gamescom Congress, Reboot Develop, and devcom, he also co-directs immersive VR and dance performances. As a systemic coach, he empowers peers through coaching and mentoring. For over ten years, Tobias has shaped premier gaming events, including Ludicious, Quo Vadis, and Respawn, enhancing industry networks worldwide


Ivar Kristjansson

1939 Games
Co-founder & CEO

Ivar Kristjansson has been in the gaming industry since 1997 when he co-founded  CCP, maker of EVE-Online, the billion dollar MMO. Ivar was the CEO when EVE-Online was launched in 2003 and later took on the position of CFO during his 17 years with CCP. Ivar co-founded 1939 Games with his brother Gudumundur in 2015 and is the CEO of that company. 1939 Games is the developer and publisher of KARDS, a WWII Digital Collectible Card Game.

Andreea Enache

Chief Revenue Officer

With 23 years of experience in the video game industry, Andreea Enache has been instrumental in driving growth strategies for renowned brands like Marvel Entertainment and Sony Picture Digital. Notably, as Senior Vice President at Marvel Entertainment gaming and digital divisions, she oversaw the successful launch of hit games like Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, while also forging crucial partnerships with industry giants like Netflix and Sony PlayStation.



Goran Adrinek

Lead programmer

Veteran programmer at Croteam, a famous Croatian game development studio where he started his game development career more than 17 years ago. Raised on Croteam’s own Serious Engine, Goran started as a gameplay programmer, but soon became a jack of all trades, dealing with low-level engine systems, editor and pipeline tools, networking, scripting, and navigation—to name a few of the areas of his expertise. For the last couple of years, he’s been leading Croteam’s switch to Unreal Engine culminating with the release of The Talos Principle 2. Currently working on multiple unannounced projects in Unreal Engine.

Hrvoje Mitic

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC)
Biz Dev Director

Hrvoje has been working in the scouting, consulting, biz dev, production and management roles in the games industry for the last decade. As a Founder, Scout and Biz Dev Director at GamesCo. London, a UK consultancy supporting indie developers, he has helped successfully finance, produce and publish various award-winning independent games like QUBE 2, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Replaced, Paws of Fury, Luna Abyss, Worldless, Eyes in the Dark, and others.


Jonas Antonsson

Raw Fury
Reality Distortionist

Founder of Raw Fury, industry old timer, mother of dragons, father of children, amateur hot air machine, lover of potatoes and a little tea pot. Okay. That last thing isn’t true.



Harrison Gibbins

Massive Monster

When Harrison isn’t fixing bugs on Cult of the Lamb, he’s creating them. He loves to spend his time working on all things gameplay, from enemies and bosses to prototyping wacky ideas. Over the years he has worked on multiple commercial projects ranging from mobiles titles to PC and console.



Rohan Pandula

AR/VR Developer Strategy

Rohan Pandula is a key figure in Meta’s 3rd party developer strategy team, where he leverages his extensive experience in business growth to aid developers in the XR space. His journey in the industry began with his own startup and has since seen him play a crucial role in the launch of major media platforms. A fervent advocate for XR since his first encounter with the DK1, Rohan has been integral to the launches of the Quest Pro and Quest 3, as well as the success of numerous VR titles. His passion for the field is matched by his commitment to helping the developer ecosystem thrive, making him a vital contributor to the future of XR.


Laura Mauro

Bonsai Collective
Senior Writer

Laura Mauro is a British Fantasy Award winning author of horror and weird fiction, and Senior Writer at Bonsai Collective, where they are currently working on their debut game, “Luna Abyss“.

Shum Singh

Agnitio Capital

Shum founded Agnitio Capital in 2003 and has over 25 years of technology focused mergers and acquisition expertise having worked in both New York and London. Shum is an investor and board director of a handful of successful and growing gaming studios including Heroic Labs,  Tower Pop Oy, Sviper GmbH (exited to the Sandbox) and Innova Group SAS (exited to EG7 for €110 million). He is also an early stage investor in Hutch Games Limited (exited to MTG for up to $375 million), Electric Noir Studios Ltd and Dream Payments Inc.



Garrett Young

General Manager

In leadership roles for Microsoft, Activision, Disney, and Id Software, Garrett helped development teams reboot the DOOM, Quake, and Rage franchises, launched the Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing franchises, and shipped multiple other AAA games.


Hendrik Lesser

remote control productions / EGDF
CEO / President

Serial entrepreneur Hendrik is well known as CEO of the international production house remote control productions and President of the European Game Developers Federation. After starting out in the industry as a Producer and Product Manager he has been building a family of independent development studios throughout Europe for over 13 years, which today consists of 13 teams in five countries with more than 270 passionate game makers. Hendrik is also a co-founder and Executive Producer of Chimera Entertainment, the 60 heads strong development studio behind the AAA mobile productions Angry Birds Evolution and Angry Birds Epic (100+ million downloads) and a yet to be announced title. Besides his roles as CEO and producer, Hendrik also is an avid lobbyist for the political and academic acceptance of video games as goods of cultural value.

Bjørn Jacobsen

Cujo Sound

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bjorn is the lead audio and solo sound designer at Mainframe Industries as well as at his own studio Cujo Sound, and runs an industry respected YouTube channel for Game Audio development under the same name; Cujo Sound. 

Bjorn is a father of three girls, an avid golfer, the biggest Clown Core fan on the planet and according to his wife: A collector of too many records.

Over the course of his career, he has been fortunate enough to work on titles and with studios such as PAX DEI, HITMAN by IO Interactive, Cyberpunk 2077 and Gwent by CD PROJEKT RED, EVE Online and EVE Valkyrie by CCP Games, Assassins Creed and The Settlers by Ubisoft, DARQ, Hostile Mars, Shrapnel, The Cycle: Frontier, The Ascent, Ostranauts, Pentiment, Panik Studio and several others.



Tom Kaczmarczyk


Originally a co-founder and business head of a successful games studio, Tom dedicated the last few years of his life to establishing IndieBI – a sales data platform for helping developers and publishers of all sizes sell more games with evidence-based best practices. Today, IndieBI is working for over 300 game companies, tracking over $1.5B of video game sales each year, and directly managing prestige indie titles grossing over $170M a year.

IndieBI is fully funded by other games companies and games industry friends and is actively pushing to become a meaningful force for good in our industry – leveling the playing field for upstart indies while giving super-powers to all who deal with the business and publishing of video games professionally.

Adrian Goersch

Black Forest Games
Co-Founder & CEO

Adrian Goersch is co-founder and CEO of Black Forest Games, one of Germany’s top 10 PC and console game development studios.

A gamer at heart, his professional background is in management and finance. After several years at Electronic Arts, Adrian joined Spellbound Entertainment AG, one of Germany’s oldest game developers.

In 2012 he founded Black Forest Games with four other gaming veterans and took over the Spellbound team. They sold the studio to Embracer/THQ Nordic in 2017.

Gerald Perndonner

Level Artist

Gerald is a Level Artist at Bongfish and has been an integral part of the Wargaming Art Team for the past 7 years. During this time, he contributed to the development of 11 maps for World of Tanks. His most recent project involved serving as the Art Owner for the 2023 release of the Frontline map “Fata Morgana,” overseeing the entire Map Art Production process.
In 2005, Gerald began his academic journey, majoring in geography and computer science to pursue a teacher’s degree. Simultaneously, he started working as a Level Artist part-time. In 2017, he made the bold decision to follow his passion full-time by joining the Bongfish Art Team. Here, he has the opportunity to merge his interests in botany, physical and human geography, and his love for gaming to craft stunning, diverse, and lifelike open world environments.



Greg Pilarowski

Pillar Legal

Greg Pilarowski is the founder of Pillar Legal, a tech and video game-focused law firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Shanghai. Pillar Legal helps technology leaders protect their companies so they can focus on innovation and growth.



Johan Toresson

Raw Fury
Head of Scouting

From selling nail polish and rat poison to fish mongering and food delivery, Johan went from odd jobs to an odd career in games. From running a premium games festival in Karlshamn, Sweden, to running scouting for Raw Fury, there’s few places along the way that doesn’t come with bad idea and a good story.



Justin Berenbaum

VP of Strategy / GM of Funding Club

Justin Berenbaum, VP of Strategy and GM of Funding Club at Xsolla, has nearly 30 years of strategic development experience in the video game industry, including Activision, 505 Games, and Capcom, and was formerly on the Board of Directors for Global Game Jam and the International Game Developers Association. His career spans publishing, investing, international business development, sales, customer support, game development, strategy, and licensing for game developers, publishers, and technology companies. Fun fact: Justin was also a hip-hop radio DJ.



Huei Chan

Pumpkin VR
Co-Founder / Marketing & Business Director

Huei is a marketing & business leader, serving as the co-founder of Pumpkin VR, an XR gaming and cloud company based in Taiwan. She has driven International Collaborations / Partnerships across APAC, the US, and Europe, leading initiatives in product design, launches, fundraising, business development, and team management. Her profound interest in human behavior fuels her passion for Marketing and Creative Design, where she focuses on crafting unique interactions between products and the audience. Her recent works include: QUANTAAR, a VR party brawler (music published by Universal Music) available on major VR platforms, and Unframed Collection, the first global VR distribution platform designed for cultural venues. Apart from work, she loves diving, social dancing, and hitting the gym.



Simon Barratt

Cooperative Innovations

Simon begun programming at the age of 6 and joined the games industry
in 1999. He ran indie studio Four Door Lemon from 2005 to 2015 producing
a large range of games across many genres and platforms. In 2016 he
co-founded immersive technology studio Cooperative Innovations to
develop social VR / AR technologies, experiences, games and applications
including co-op role playing game ‘Raiders of Erda’ and the chaotic
Spaceteam VR’. Cooperative Innovations provide a wide range of
technologies and services both for XR and non-XR use cases based on
their Unreal Engine based technology stack ‘KERNL’.


Alexander Bergendahl

Co-Founder & CEO

Alexander is the co-founder and CEO of LootLocker. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in game development and publishing and has founded and led game start-ups for 10 years as CEO and COO. Most recently, he served as the COO of Hatrabbit Entertainment, which he led to a successful acquisition by King in 2019.

Micaela Hays

Senior Client Partner

Micaela has worked closely with gaming communities for the majority of her career, helping to promote positivity and safe spaces in-game. Her time working in-house at a game development studio gave her a deep understanding of the difficulties studios face in their attempts to tackle toxicity. Micaela currently is working with Vivox on cutting edge technology that helps studios take matters into their own hands, with scalability at the forefront.

Shirley Lin

Managing Partner

Based in Silicon Valley and Belgium, 1000 Rivers is an early stage angel fund aiming to invest and advise promising teams in the Web 3 gaming and commerce sectors.

Her previous capacities include as co-founder at RunAppRun, cofounder/Chief Business Development officer at DOGI.io and DOGIgames, VP of Global Business Development at Yomob where she was the key author of the white paper for the company’s blockchain project (data.eco), Nexway, YeahMobi and Beintoo.



Lars Malcharek

GIANTS Software
International Community Team Lead

Lars Malcharek has a strong background in the gaming industry. He started as a Community Coordinator at FunCom all the way back in 2008 and has been around ever since. With stints at FunCom, NCSoft, EA, and GIANTS Software, Lars has wielded his expertise on titles ranging from Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan, AION, to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, FIFA, The Sims and the Battlefield and Battlefront series.

His journey culminated in his pivotal role at GIANTS Software, where he has spearheaded community engagement for the Farming Simulator Series since 2018.

Today, he leads the international Community Team at GIANTS Software, taking care of our players around the world.



Patrick Sweeney

Interactive Entertainment Law Group

Patrick Sweeney is the founder of the Interactive Entertainment Law Group. He is one of the leading attorneys in the video game industry, having served both as in-house and external counsel to a variety of companies in his career. In his 25 years in the games industry, Sweeney has negotiated an array of game development agreements for more than 1000 games and over 50 film, TV and comic licenses, and dozens of M&A/corporate investment deals. The firm has represented 400+ clients from over 30 different countries.



Charles Cecil

Revolution Software
Founder / CEO

Charles Cecil, awarded ‘Industry Legend’ status by Develop, has been a key figure in video games development for 40 years. In 1990 he founded Revolution, today one of the world’s leading adventure game companies which created the Broken Sword and Beyond/Beneath a Steel Sky series. Charles has additionally designed titles as diverse as The Da Vinci Code for Sony Pictures and Doctor Who for the BBC for which he won a BAFTA award. In 2011 Charles was awarded an MBE for services to the computer games industry, and in 2019 was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the University of York.



Christopher Meredith

Senior executive

Christopher Meredith, a senior executive, visionary strategist, and brand revitalization expert with over 25 years in interactive entertainment. His leadership has driven growth and profitability across global markets, from startups to corporate giants, and propelled world-class brands to ensure market dominance. Chris builds and motivates teams to champion his vision. Notable roles include Sony PlayStation, where he set new standards in gaming experiences; Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, launching chart-topping titles; MTV Games, innovating music-themed gaming; and Glu Mobile, creating globally resonant mobile games. His career symbolises the power of visionary leadership and dedication.

Pontus Mähler

Global Top Round
Chief Strategy Officer

With a rich background spanning over a decade in the gaming industry, Pontus Mähler brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a former professional gamer with numerous tournament victories, he transitioned into leadership roles, serving as CEO of an Esports company in Thailand before assuming the role of Vice President at GXC, the headquarters of Global Top Round & Game Round.

Currently, Pontus oversees a varied portfolio of over 65+ companies around the globe. He’s led over 35 investments under Global Top Round. His proficiency extends to managing investor & publishing relations for Game Studios and he’s raised over $30m+ in funding for them since 2019.

Having collaborated with industry giants such as Tencent, Garena, AIS, and IGG, Pontus also served as CEO of Neolution Group/Neolution E-Sport, overseeing a roster of over 80 athletes.



Ilari Kuittinen

Co-Founder / Studio Head

Ilari is the Co-Founder and Studio Head of the award-winning game studio Housemarque. He started his career in 1993, when he co-founded one of the first game studios in Finland, before co-founding Housemarque with Harri Tikkanen two years later. After 26 years of full-time entrepreneurship and running an independent game studio, Housemarque joined PlayStation Studios family in 2021. The studio’s most recent game Returnal released in 2021 on PS5 was a critically acclaimed title with a metacritic score of 86. The game also won several prestigious game awards such as Best Action Game at The Game Awards and many game of the year awards including Bafta Best Game Award. The company is currently focusing on developing the next game production under PlayStation Studios umbrella and has grown to 110 people strong company. Their purpose is to create unique game experiences and their system goal is to create a product-focused learning organization that is optimized for adaptiveness, learning, and customer value.



Diego Beltrame

Senior Client Partner

Over the past four years, Diego has delved deep into the gaming industry, specializing in facilitating global multiplayer launches and optimizing hosting costs and communication systems, including anti-toxicity measures.  Diego’s experience spans all engines, genres and platforms, helping to implement game hosting, matchmaking, voice/text chat and anti-toxicity to all genres of multiplayer games.

Tara Đorić

Tender Troupe
Live Ops Manager

Tara is the Live Ops Manager for adult games Kink.inc and Booty Farm, and Narrative Designer on the latter. She delivers intertwining romance storylines that meet players’ desire for intimacy – starting from a place of dev team comfort. Prior work as a community manager comes in handy in bridging the gap between player needs and development possibilities.

Her biggest accomplishment is establishing a streamlined pipeline that allows both in-house and outsourced teams to deliver content-rich events on a weekly basis – no crunch involved. She enjoys bringing human, lighthearted sensibilities into the adult gaming niche, and workshopping opportunities for anyone’s ideas to come to life.



Patrice Désilets

Panache Digital Games
President and Creative Director

Patrice now cumulates 25 years in the games industry and has been recognized over the years for his audacity and thinking outside the box. With a background in theater, improvisation and cinema, he gets his creative inspiration in all sorts of art forms as well as in history. Most known for his work on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and as the original creative director behind the global success franchise Assassin’s Creed, Patrice decided to found his own studio in 2014 in order to have complete creative freedom and create new and original IPs such as Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.



Thomas Tuts

Streaming Toolsmith

As Streaming Toolsmith, Thomas helps gaming companies improve live viewership. After realizing the vast untapped potential of game integrations for live streaming, he embarked on a one-man mission to help game developers and publishers make games more engaging and interactive when they’re watched live.



Rami Ismail

Indie Games Developer / Industry Ambassador

Rami Ismail is a Dutch-Egyptian industry ambassador & independent games developer with over 20 titles across PC, console, web, and mobile. His development of tools like the industry-standard dopresskit.com, his prolific & popular public speaking, and highly-regarded consultancy and insights have helped shape industry opportunities for game communities & independent game developers of any kind, in any situation, and anywhere.



Jörg Tittel

Director, Publisher

Jörg is a writer, director, producer and designer of films, plays and games. He is in post-production on the live action / painted animation feature A Winter’s Journey starring John Malkovich, made a collaboration with PlayStation and Sony Pictures Classics. The Last Worker, released on VR, consoles, PC (and on Playdate with the spin-off title SKEW) in early 2023, was the only game in competition at the 78th Venice Film Festival. His Golden Joystick nominated C-Smash VRS, based on SEGA’s arcade and Dreamcast classic, is coming to Meta Quest and Pico headsets after a successful start on PS VR2. It is the first game by RapidEyeMovers, with the second in active development. Later this year, they will launch Humanise Festival of Play, transforming the idyllic town of Kendal, UK, into a playable map.



Rod Stafford

Senior Client Partner

Rod came to the games industry from the simulation sector where he designed and ran massive simulation events at a government level. Since then he has been focussed on helping studios adopt the right tech stack for their games, working at both a studio and publisher level.

Kate Edwards

Geogrify / SetJetters
CEO / Co-Founder

Kate Edwards is the CEO and principal consultant of Geogrify, a consultancy which innovated content culturalization, as well as the CXO and Co-Founder of SetJetters, an app focused on connecting tourist to global filming locations. She is also the former Executive Director of the IGDA from 2012 to 2017 and the Global Game Jam from 2019 to 2022. In addition to serving in several board and advisory roles, she is a geographer, writer, and corporate strategist. Following 13 years at Microsoft, she has consulted for EA/BioWare, Google, Amazon, Facebook, LEGO, Ubisoft, and many other companies. As an award-winning 29+ year veteran of the game industry, in 2021 she was included in the Forbes’ “50 Over 50” Vision List as one of 50 veteran women selected from a wide variety of industries, and in the same year was inducted into the Women in Games Hall of Fame.



Tomislav Gojevic

Fury Studios
Head of Studio

Tomislav Gojevic is the head of Fury Studios in Zagreb, a subsidiary of Raw Fury, an indie video game publisher based in Sweden. He has over 8 years of experience in the games industry, working on various genres and platforms as a game producer and head of studio. Fury Studios focuses on creating games with passion and personality while maintaining a fine balance between work and personal life. He loves to explore new ideas and challenge conventions in his daily work.



Giulia Zamboni

Stormind Games
Production Director

Giulia is Production Director at Stormind Games, the studio behind the Remothered series and Batora: Lost Haven. She has been Lead Producer at Supermassive Games, working on The Dark Pictures Anthology and has previously worked as Senior Producer at Gamera Interactive, also managing the release of the award-winning RPG “Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms“.

CSM, Ambassador for Women in Games and Asana, Diversity Champion, Selected Contributor for the book “Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play” in 2018, DStars Production Star 2019. Giulia also taught production tips at Link University in Rome, created the first Videogame Production Course for High Schools in Italy and still teaches Production at Gamera GamesLab. 



Adriana Tanasković

Game Marketing Producer

After completing her studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Faculty of Political Sciences, Adriana obtained a Master’s degree in Documentary Film, marking the onset of her career in the creative industries. Initially involved in film and television projects, her foray into gaming commenced nine years ago when she joined the trailblazers of the regional SEE scene, Mad Head Games (Saber Interactive studio). Since then, Adriana has honed her soft and hard skills across various domains including marketing operations, publishing and release management, broadcasting and video production, performance marketing, corporate communication and PR, content creation, and product and brand marketing management. Presently, she is a member of Grindstone, a boutique videogame production and publishing company poised to launch two exciting new games this year.



Steve Escalante

Digital Bandidos

Steve Escalante is a 24+ year veteran of the game industry, where he started as an indie developer, to working at Bethesda, and ultimately founding independent game publisher Versus Evil.  Having a successful 10 years at Versus Evil, Escalante signed multiple, award winning video games across, PC, Consoles and Mobile, running multiple game development projects around the world, from Australia/New Zealand, the EU, South America, US to Asia.  In 2017 he also founded QA service company Red Cerberus. In 4 years, he took the company from a small, boutique QA studio, to over 340 personnel located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over its short time span, Red Cerberus tested, localized, certified or co-developed numerous AAA, AA and indie level projects. Red Cerberus, as one of the first QA services companies in Brazil, has fostered a very successful training and career program for the budding LATAM video game markets.  In 2021 successfully negotiated the exit of both Versus Evil and Red Cerberus.



Martijn van Zwieten

Videogame Business Consultant

Martijn is an independent game business coach and consultant. He has helped over 60 CEOs, founders and leaders to build better game companies, and to lead them with more confidence and less hassle. After 14+ years in the games industry, he’s seen what works and what doesn’t, and knows exactly what it takes to run and grow a game company. His talks may or may not include Pokemon.



Damjan Mravunac


With over two decades of experience, Damjan has made a name for himself as one of the most versatile composers within the games industry. By creating mellow tunes for The Talos Principle and contrasting them with hardcore riffs in Serious Sam, Damjan has enhanced the flavor of each in-game world. His expertise stretches beyond making music and into sound design, which allowed him to help shape unforgettable experiences for millions of players around the world.



Luka Colic

Co-Founder / Partner

Luka is a founding partner at COLIC DOROTIC, a Croatian law firm focusing on creative and digital industries. Over the last twelve years, he has advised clients from a myriad of industries in some of the largest corporate and M&A transactions in the region. Luka’s special interest is legal design, which is an effort to apply psychology, technology and design to create more humancentric legal stuff. Luka always appreciates a good meal and occasionally appreciates a good DJ set.



Seoirse Dunbar

Adventure Games Podcast
Creator / Host

Seoirse Dunbar is the creator and host of the Adventure Games Podcast which was created in 2019. On the podcastSeoirse has interviewed developers of both classic and modern adventure narrative games such as Charles Cecil, Tony Warriner, Roberta and Ken Williams, Al Lowe, David Fox, Dave Gilbert and Francisco Gonzalez. Seoirse also sponsored AdventureX 2022 through the podcast and he has interviewed developers at events such as Narrascope in Boston and Wordplay in Toronto. The podcast was nominated for Best Podcast at the People’s Choice Podcast Awards 2023 and Seoirse hosted a panel that included Tony Warriner and Dave Gilbert at AdventureX 2023.



Ollie Warren

Senior Solutions Architect

Ollie has a background in backend solutions, and as a solutions architect with Multiplay he has helped studios scope their best approach to hosting, and helped launch countless titles. He has worked very closely with a multitude of different studios, now focusing on double A and triple A games.

Elena Lobova

Co-Founder / CBDO

Elena Lobova is a co-founder and CBDO of GDBAY, an online networking platform for game developers worldwide and the organizer of Global Games Pitch. With 13 years in the gaming industry, she managed outsourcing company iLogos growing it from 40 to 300+ employees, organized various online and offline events, and advised companies on business development, strategy and pitching. Elena actively supports her home country Ukraine and the Ukrainian game development community through organizing charity auctions and country booths at international events.



Damir Durovic


Through 25 years of combined experience in running huge games industry events, games media and working within marketing/PR in the industry Damir has seen empires rise and fall, and through all those years has finally grown an awesome beard. For last 11 years together with an incredible and small but super agile team has been running REBOOT brand consisting of both media and events sub-labels, featuring among others one of the biggest consumer game shows in Europe while also throughout a full decade of its existence building the world famous Reboot Develop Blue and Red, two games industry conferences that have redefined the worldwide games industry event landscape while conceptualizing the true meaning of the boutique games industry conferences. Damir also has vast experience in consulting on both marketing and PR matters within the industry as well as taking part in various M&A efforts worldwide. He is an avid extreme hiking challenges fanatic.