How do I apply?
To apply, simply submit your game artwork through the submission form: https://forms.gle/ZJD8BEziXrKRZLD36

In what format should I submit my artwork?
Please submit your artwork cropped on 70×100 cm.
You can upload it in pdf, jpeg, png – any format with high enough resolution to be printed on 70x100cm canvas.

What if I want to submit my artwork that wasn’t done digitally?
In that case, you can send us an image of your artwork, make sure it has been cropped to 70×100 cm, and that the resolution of the photo is good enough for printing.

Can I apply if I don’t have a ticket for Reboot Develop Blue?
Yes, you can submit your artwork even if you don’t have a conference ticket.

How do I make sure my artwork has official legal approval?
If your artwork has been featured in a game, make sure that you are the owner of the artwork and that you are not violating any third party´s copyright and other intellectual property rights (if you are not sure – contact the game developer/publisher directly).
If your artwork is fan art – you don’t need permission from the developer/publisher but you must clearly state that it is fan art in the artwork title.

Who is on the jury?
The jury will be revealed on April 1st.

How many artworks will be in the exhibition?

Where will the artworks be exhibited?
Inside the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel area.

What are the exhibition ‘working hours’?
The exhibition will last through the whole conference, so it will start on April 24th at 10 am and end on April 26th at 6:30 pm.

Is it possible to buy the artwork?
Yes, there will be an online auction where you will be able to bid for each artwork.
All money collected through the auction will go to UNICEF.
The auction will start on April 24th at 10 am and will end on April 26th at 6:30 pm.

Is there a minimum bid?
A minimum bid for each artwork is 50 €.

Who will get the money from the auction?
All money collected through the auction will go to UNICEF.

If I win the artwork in the auction – do I get it right away?
Yes, you will be able to take the artwork home with you after the conference.
After the auction is over we will notify and instruct the winners of each artwork when and where to collect a copy of the artwork.

What happens if I win the art but need to leave before the exhibition ends?
In that case, we will deliver the artwork to the address of your choice after the conference, at your expense.