How do I book a cabin?
To book your spot please reach out directly to booking@rebootsailingweek.com

When and where do the catamarans depart from?
Reboot Games Industry Sailing week starts on the morning of the 27th of April with embarking in ACI Marina Dubrovnik and ends with disembarking on the 30th of April during morning hours at the same location.

How can I make sure I’ll be in the same catamaran as my friend(s)?
If you book and pay together, you will be put on the same catamaran (if there are enough available cabins, because bookings are done on a first-come first-served basis).
If you book and pay separately you can email us at info@rebootsailingweek.com with a request to put you on the same catamaran. We do not guarantee we’ll be able to put you on the same boat, the sooner you make the request – the higher the chances we’ll be able to make rearrangements.

What is the maximum number of people per catamaran?
The maximum number of people per catamaran is 8 + 2 staff members (4 cabins, 2 people per cabin)

Can I choose the catamaran I book the cabin in?
Catamarans are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. You can choose the boat based on availability at the time.

Can I share a cabin with someone?
Each cabin on every catamaran can accommodate up to two people. There is no additional fee for 2nd person attending the event and utilizing the booked room. 

Is the itinerary guaranteed?
A 3-day itinerary will be prearranged by the event organization team in cooperation with the head navigator/skipper of the event and will be flexible, subject to change depending on weather and other factors. 

What happens if the case of bad weather?
All of the catamarans are heated so there will be no worries about possible cold nights or bad weather, in case of bad weather the event organization team will see if changing the itinerary is necessary and will update all attendees accordingly.In case we won’t be able to attend lunch at booked restaurants – our hostesses will prepare a light lunch or dinner on the catamarans.

Are meals included in the price?
Daily served breakfast at the catamarans is included in the price.
Lunch and dinner at some of the best authentic and unique island restaurants are the only things that will be left to cover at the discretion of each of the event attendees.

What if I get seasick?
Navigating the sea on catamarans is the type of sailing that has the least chance of causing seasickness. In case you get seasick – please seek your skipper or a hostess.

What is the sailing route?
After embarking in ACI Marina Dubrovnik on the morning of the 27th of April we will be sailing towards the peninsula of Peljesac and later proceeding to the island and historical city of Korcula. On the second day, boats will be continuing the route toward the island of Lastovo. After leaving Lastovo, the plan is to continue to sail toward the island of Mljet.
In the afternoon catamaran group will be continuing its return trajectory towards the island of Sipan.
On the last day, the 30th of April we will be heading to our point of origin, Dubrovnik ACI marina, where we should dock between 11 AM and 12 AM.

What is not included in the price?
Lunch and dinner at some of the best authentic and unique island restaurants are the only things that will be left to cover at the discretion of each of the event attendees.

There are only 3 of us, can we book the whole catamaran?
There is an option for booking a whole catamaran.
In that case is no minimum number of guests, only a maximum (8 people).
You can add and change the names of the crew members until 7 days prior to the trip starting.
If you want to book a whole catamaran, please reach out to booking@rebootsailingweek.com

Can I transfer the ticket to 2024 in case I need to move your booking?
You can, in case you need to transfer your booking, please reach out to info@rebootsailingweek.com

What are the cabins like?
All cabin rooms have a double bed for two people. The cabins have small cupboards and closets for clothes. There are bathrooms and showers on all boats. Each boat has a compact but comfortable indoor and outdoor common area (saloon). There is a full kitchen and dining area on each boat, as well as refrigeration, electricity, speakers, and other amenities.

Will my electrical appliances work on the boat?
Phones, tablet computers, cameras, and other similar items can be charged at any time on the boat.

How much luggage can I bring on the yacht? 
There is limited storage space on the yachts, if you have a large suitcase, we advise bringing a soft bag to take what you need on the yachts and put the larger suitcase in the storage provided by the hotel you are staying at, or at Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel.
If you need help with luggage, contact us at info@rebootsailingweek.com.

Will I be safe on the boat with no prior experience?
Yes! Our crew consists of experienced skippers and hostesses, as long as you listen to your crew you will be in good hands!

What do the hostesses do?
Hostesses are responsible for keeping everything in order, primary duties of a hostess are taking care of the cleanliness and tidiness of the catamaran and preparing the meals for the crew.
They are responsible for keeping the common boat areas nice and tidy (kitchen, salon, deck, cockpit), preparing light breakfast for the crew and the skipper, washing the dishes, changing the toilet bin, and taking out the trash.
Hostess does not clean the toilets used by the guests nor clean the cabins as they are considered private guest rooms.

Does the crew speak English?
Yes, all of our skippers and hostesses speak good enough English to communicate with guests.