Early list of attending companies + more partnerships

We are now a little less than 2 months away from another record-breaking edition of Reboot Develop Blue game developers and games industry conference at its’ traditional home of magnificent city of Dubrovnik!

We have revealed the early, initial list of attending companies for Reboot Develop Blue 2024, Dubrovnik and we expect that amount to more than double throughout the next couple of weeks while we keep announcing more exciting news related to the conference as well as continuing to reveal more speakers on weekly basis.

Our previously announced big partnership with worldwide Highlander Adventure events continues. We strive to keep promoting ecology, mental health, sustainability, and healthy living in general as well as getting connected back to nature in more ways than one. Highlander Adventure, leading long-distance hiking challenges around the world is providing all of our current and previous attendees with a 25% discount for a few of its key events taking place at some of the most iconic nature spots around the globe. Please use the code REBOOT25 to get this significant discount for upcoming Highlander Big Bear Lake (US), Highlander Lake District (UK), Highlander Velebit (CRO), and Highlander Medvednica (CRO). You might meet a few of the Reboot Develop heads attending one of those incredible events as well, see you there!