Reboot Develop announces rebranding, new events

Blue, Red and Uni as new impactful sub-brands mark big expansion for Reboot Develop in 2019

During opening ceremony of Reboot Develop 2018 in Dubrovnik on 19th of April, CEO of Reboot Damir Durovic has taken the stage to announce that Reboot Develop is going through a big rebranding as they expand globally.

Main Dubrovnik conference, that will take place from 11th to 13th of April 2019 will be renamed / rebranded as Reboot Develop Blue 2019.

Reboot Develop Red is the name of new big Canadian boutique games industry and game developers conference targeted for a fall date in 2019 with more details on locations etc. to be announced later in a year.

Reboot Develop Uni although a separate, games industry and game development related universities / students focused conference will be taking place in parallel to Reboot Develop 2019 Blue while taking place literally next door, 10min walk away at Astarea resort conference venue.