membership length for the new 3-year cycle… April 25th 2024 – April 25th 2027

Deadline for membership registration of the newly invited potential members is 17th of April by 6PM CET, though slots will be provided on first come first served basis for those last few remaining at this point.

Reboot Onyx is a unique SUPER VIP membership with and incredible value proposition that is just about to start its next membership cycle, and has already ran for last 3 years discretely. It provides its members with access to a package of complimentary VIP passes, access to exclusive and high-end side events + other VIP perks and benefits that are happening at or are tied to hugely successful Reboot Develop Conferences – meaning all of the upcoming ones, anywhere around the world, during the period of next 3 years, as well as the existing Reboot Develop Blue and upcoming Reboot Develop Red + all others that are planned to start rolling during the membership period.

At the most basic level, it provides each of the members during the period of 3 years automatic ownership of VIP passes for ANY AND ALL Reboot Develop conferences happening during the time of the membership, anywhere in the world, and when totaled they do end up being a tiny fraction of what would be the pricing for combination of them all put together. But there is much more!

Reboot Onyx is both super limited in number and not publicly available through any form of standard buy-in and only invited individuals were able to initially become part of the original unique Reboot Onyx program when it started. Now that the initial 3-year pioneer cycle of Reboot Onyx membership is ending in a matter of days, on the 25th of April – the same day the new 3-year membership cycle is starting.

Unfortunately, unless you were invited by the Reboot Develop management team as a potential member and have ended at this Onyx membership subsite by accident, or just through word of mouth, please do not follow up by trying to register. All the initial Reboot Onyx membership holders had the priority option of deciding if they will want to renew their membership and keep their slot, for the period of the next 3 years, same rule will apply at the end of new 3 year period.

Anybody invited to potentially become an Onyx member, regardless of being our repeat VIP pass owner or a previous membership holder has a very short deadline for that, just until 17th of April 6PM CET, though as very few membership slots remain if interested do act fast on it.

Total number of membership slots is super small and extremely limited and we are not adding or will be ever in the future adding bigger capacity then the original one, getting an invite to consider registering is the only option to become Reboot Onyx member.

5400,00 EUR is the discounted pricing (available only to previous repeated VIP pass owners and previous Onyx members, discounted from full price of 6750,00 EUR) that covers 3 year long membership fee, the significant discount is our way of thanking all of you repeated VIP pass guests and original Onyx membership holders for all the support.

All memberships are individual in nature, and non-transferable, while they can be purchased/obtained by the companies they need to be registered to a certain individual with the full name of the person, as well as a few other key personal pieces of info provided. Officially holders of Reboot Onyx membership can not transfer either temporarily or permanently their membership (while of course possible special cases will be taken into account).

While we failed to deliver a nice and shiny physical Onyx membership card in the initial 3-year period (or to be more precise finding adequate special material for it) that will finally change! All registered members will receive unique, named, and numbered special physical Reboot Onyx membership card during the summer of 2024.

If obtained individually and used in full, the approximate total worth of membership perks bundled (though some of the yet un-announced ones will never be available in a commercial form anyhow) in the new 3-year Reboot Onyx membership package would average above the total of 20.000 EUR, it is an incredible value proposition.

_ automatic ownership of VIP passes for ANY AND ALL Reboot Develop conferences, you will be provided with one VIP pass per conference, for absolutely all conferences to happen around the world during the upcoming 3-year cycle, including those that did not even start yet (as VIP pass batches for our conferences constantly get sold out within days this is a permanent solution for making sure yours are taken care of)

_ that VIP pass also functions as an All Access Pass for the conference itself + actually contains a widely famous collection of ever-changing unique VIP events, 3 different ones at each of the Reboot Develop conferences (one happening during each of the 3 conference days)

_ access and invite to the famous Speakers and Partners gala dinner taking place at each of our conferences as well, and always at incredible unique, and ever-changing locations

_ invite and exclusive access to one additional unique boutique SUPER VIP networking and dining side event, that will be happening at each of Reboot Develop conferences during a 3-year cycle, and will be constantly changing in concept, theme, and location, this side event will be available strictly to Reboot Onyx members

_ priority accommodation booking at the high-end resort venues for any of the upcoming Reboot Develop conferences during a 3-year cycle, it essentially provides the members with sizeable enough heads up to have access to preferred hotels and resort bookings before they become publicly available through our official conference websites – this being hugely beneficial lately as all of our preferred accommodation bookings get booked out within days of being announced

_ 25% discount on standard pricing for all types of passes for any of Reboot Develop conferences around the world during membership period (maximum applicable to 3 passes per event, discount is not applicable to early bird pricing)

_ unique and fancy upcoming Onyx membership card

_ become part of the small group of incredibly valued supporters of Reboot Develop and proud holders of the Reboot Onyx membership

_ with more surprises to be announced soon 😉

To be able to register it is required first that members of the Reboot management team have provided you with an invite to do so. The next step is fast coverage of the 3-year membership fee through one of the two payment optionssettling it through banking wire transfer (reach out to for an invoice), though take in the account that fee settlement confirmation is required within the strict mentioned deadline or directly by settling the fee through PayPal, at (with listing in the description „your full name / Reboot Onyx) As soon as you have completed the mentioned steps, please reach out to where our team will assist you with finishing the registration. Reboot Onyx memberships are set to be sold within a matter of a few days.

Final deadline is 6PM, CET on 17th of April.

Thank you all very kindly for all the support so far, we are looking forward to welcome you to the Reboot Onyx family!

Damir Durovic
Reboot, CEO