Reboot Develop Blue 2020 moves dates

With primary goal of trying to keep everybody safe, raise of international travel bans, lockdowns of countless countries, and virus spread related crisis around the world escalating within last 48 hours we are resorting to backup option of moving Reboot Develop Blue 2020 conference dates to part of the year that will be safer, and more reachable for all of our attendees, speakers and partner friends around the world. While it was a very hard decision in all of this turmoil and distress we are happy to say that we were able to avoid canceling the biggest yet edition of the conference, and did find, after working on it tirelessly, a new great date for it later in the year.

Location and venue will stay the same, and new dates are going to be 15th to 17th of October 2020! All details on moving your conferences passes as well as additional support from our side will be communicated during this week to all of you!

We have also took care of all official resort wide accommodation bookings, that you will be able to cancel with no penalties at all! All details incoming within next few days, until then please stay healthy, stay safe, support each other, we love you all!